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More Battles in the War on Vape

Attacks on people’s ability to choose to vape seems to be endless. Across North America the struggle continues.

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It doesn’t seem to matter how many studies or reports are produced supporting electronic cigarettes as a harm reduction tool, ideologically driven zealots seek to clamp down on vaping at every turn. This month heralds a new wave of actions from North America.

Texas isn’t well known for its liberal views, and the CATCH My Breath Youth E-Cigarette Prevention Program is a case in point. "Youth E-cigarette use is quickly becoming a public health emergency," says organiser Steven Kelder. "While those of us in public health celebrate the decline in cigarette use among children, youth are increasingly turning to E-cigarettes instead. E-cigarettes have their own host of health and developmental impacts that can last well into adulthood. Contrary to public opinion, E-cigarettes are not harmless. E-cigarettes deliver nicotine, which is addictive, and contain other harmful toxins. Nicotine exposure by the foetus, children and adolescents can have permanent developmental consequences."

The program informs children and teachers that vaping can “higher levels of nicotine and formaldehyde than conventional cigarettes”, as well as stating as fact that the “process of heating the nicotine solution to produce the aerosol also produces aldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein”.

Meanwhile, the Alaskan State Fair went totally smoke-free this year – and by “smoke” they mean the stuff that vapers breath out (even if it isn’t smoke). How did it go down? Badly, according to Ferris-wheel operator Warren Schierholt: “I think it's stupid. I know a lot of people that refuse to come to the fair because it's smoke-free.”

As pointed out by upset vapers and other critics, the fair is home to dozens of stalls selling everything from donuts and candyfloss to processed meats on sticks and in buns – it’s hardly an advert for healthy living.

Further north, the clampdown on vaping in British Columbia is now in full swing and vape stores are being compelled to install tint on their shop windows or hide stock from sight. In addition, shops selling equipment and liquids can only allow two people at a time to be vaping – and store staff aren’t allowed to vape at work! Fines ranging from £200 to £340 will eventually be imposed for shops breaching the new regulations but this won’t happen to begin with.

Finally, in Connecticut, politicians tasked with dreaming up new ways to upset people have begun debating a total ban on eliquid flavours. “These electronic cigarettes are often the entry point for adolescents to become addicted to nicotine. The industry is clearly targeting youth with these candy flavours and psychedelic colours,” states the deluded congresswoman Elizabeth Esty.

Demonstrating her abject lack of understanding, Esty continues: “I am very supportive of a variety of efforts to get current smokers to kick the habit, but there is no reason to have 7,000 flavors such as blueberry pie, cotton candy or gummy bears. That is not something that somebody who is 50 and is trying to quit smoking is going to buy.” That’s right, Liz, us over-50s prefer the taste of gravel, cat litter and toilet paper.

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