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Vaping saves lives think a Nobel Prize winner, an American think tank and the respondents to Stealthvape’s efficacy survey.

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“It’s not proven to be safe,” they say. “The science isn’t there and we don’t know what’s in them,” they add. Over three hundred people responding to a Stealthvape survey disagree. So too does a leading American think-tank. Oh, and did you know that a winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine just happens to vape?

The Reason Foundation has urged global legislators to reconsider proposal to restrict or totally ban vaping. In their paper, The Vapour Revolution: How bottom-up innovation is saving lives, Julian Morris and Amir Khan write: “The public health impact of the vapour revolution has already been profound. Millions of smokers have switched entirely to vaping, and millions more are using vaping to reduce the amount they smoke.”

In an interview given after presenting the paper to a conference, Morris stated: “[They] should be classified as consumer products. Rather than banned, such devices should, “be easily accessible and seen as an alternative to cigarettes.”

Public health experts who campaign against vaping will be quick to dismiss his comments, as they have with others in the past. Despite not being specialists in areas of science or medicine, they maintain a strong prohibitionist stance for ideological reasons – and seek to exert influence over those who draw up laws.

It will be more difficult for them to ignore Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, Nobel Prize winner for chemistry. She discovered the human immune-deficiency virus and is respected for being one of the leading global luminaries for medicinal and scientific research. It’s been revealed by Sigma Magazine in Italy that Barre-Sinoussi doesn’t go anywhere without her personal vaping device. We look forward to Martin McKee telling her how vaping poses potential but unproven dangers.

Morris and Barre-Sinoussi’s confidence in vaping is mirrored in the results of a survey conducted by UK vendor Stealthvape. Many POTV forum members engaged in an activity to collate the anecdotal experience of vapers and record their opinions and experiences.

Stealthvape’s owner, Rob Ellard, told us: “There has been a lot of misinformation and, for want of a better word, lies put out as news stories in the national media lately. It annoyed us that such irresponsible behavior ignores the good science and promotes ignorance to current smokers wanting to quit.”

“Our survey confirms that many smokers suffer from mild to serious ailments due to their smoking habit and that these are alleviated by a switch to vaping,” he added.

In the online questionnaire, conducted with over three hundred respondents, Stealthvape discovered that the majority of those taking part used to be average to heavy smokers. These people had been using mainly cigarettes from an early age across many years and had previously failed a number of times with nicotine replacement therapies and going ‘cold turkey’.

The length of time the respondents have spent vaping, since not smoking, indicated clear success for vaping as a quit strategy. “We realise that this isn’t exactly a scientific approach,” Rob continued, “but when you think of there being 2.8 million vapers in the UK who are now doing something 95% safer than smoking – well, that has to be a good thing.”

The full results from the Stealthvape survey can be found here.

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