Stupid Continues Its War On Vape

Posted 14th June 2016 by Dave Cross
South Africa wants a total ban, some idiots believe vaping is five times more dangerous than smoking and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is going to the dogs. Stupid doesn’t care about the health of the world’s occupants because it only cares about winning.

You can make any kind of daft statement when you live in a world of Stupid. Take Lindsey David Johnson for example. Johnson lives in Hawaii and builds the frames of houses. Nothing stupid here so far except, as a smoker, he didn’t have any cigarettes so he borrowed a friend’s vape kit. Again, not stupid at all – we know that vaping offers a great way out of smoking. Certainly a better idea than the ones Johnson made in order to be “found guilty of abuse of family or household members, criminal property damage in the fourth degree and unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle.”

Those decisions meant that he faced regular drug testing and blamed the presence of methamphetamine in his system on his friend’s eliquid. But can it even do that, asked the judge? “I don’t know. It could have been one of the ways. I don’t know why, ma’am. I’m more confused in this situation than anybody.” If in doubt – blame the ecig.

Blaming electronic cigarettes is easy because: “Using e-cigs is still virtually smoking.” Not our words, the words of The Business Inquirer. And as smoking is evil, according to everyone, so too is vaping.

Ignoring all the commentary that points out formaldehyde is only found in vape when the researchers measure dry hits, the esteemed organ continues: “inhaling 3 ml of e-cig liquid in aerosol form would lead to a lifetime risk of cancer of around 4,200 in a population of 1 million. This is almost five times the risk in those who smoke tobacco. So you still think electronic cigarettes are cool? Think again.”

Still think Stupid is interested in making you healthier? Think again.

We Vape

The logical fallacies and ignorance that surround vaping lead to the situation where pharmaceutical lobbyists and blinkered interest groups can push through their fear agendas. “The government of Newfoundland and Labrador is changing two pieces of legislation to include electronic cigarettes so they will be regulated in the same way as tobacco products,” says CBC News.

They report Health Minister John Haggie explaining: "We simply don't know what's in them, basically. And you're substituting one form of inhalation for another." For him it’s all about not bothering to go to the effort of reading up on the subject but "erring on the side of caution". Stupid loves to err on the side of caution. It is why, in a blog on the ACSH website, Josh Bloom wonders why California isn’t now asking men to put warning labels on their penis.

 Dave Cross
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