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Eleven Things People Are Buying Apart From Ecigs

Vaping products are one of the twelve top consumer trendsetters.

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Big sellers like Coke and PlayStation keep the numbers going year on year but, according to Time Magazine, we can obtain a good snapshot of where society is by looking at the trends of leading growth products. So what are people consuming in abundance currently, where do electronic cigarettes figure and how many of these reflect the way you lead your life?

Starting the list at number 12 comes bowls.  Apparently the discerning eater is eschewing flat plates for an object only previously favoured at pizza restaurant salad bars.   With the ever-growing desire to post pictures of meals online rather than eating them, bowls are apparently “picture friendly” and this is one reason why sales have boomed by around 17%.

With a similar surge in sales come the healthier low-calorie brands of beer like Michelob’s Ultra.  It has been the one of the fastest beer brands in a market worth over £70billion in the States alone.  This flourishing growth in sales is mirrored by a third product tied in last spot, and one that is not mirrored this side of the Atlantic: medical and legal marijuana.  Sales are thriving like one of Alan Titchmarsh’s pot plants; in Colorado the business is worth $1billion and brings in $135million of taxes to the coffers every year.

Up next is a 24% surge in the money being spent on private health care plans.  This ignores the rise in excess that has been leveraged upon policyholders, rising alarmingly for Americans and seeing the coverage of the insurance diminished for fixed-rate Brits. In the same vein, they say that when America sneezes Britain catches a cold: fifth on our list is the growing love for not buying your car but opting for a lease-type agreement.  As people seek something four-wheeled and shiny, twenty-nine percent of new car sales are now carried out (primarily by younger buyers).

And yet still no mention of vaping as we approach the halfway mark.

Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime have contributed to a surge of 30% in sales and rocketed them into 7th spot.  It is estimated that the latter two will have amassed 330 million subscribers by 2019.  People continue to shift away from suffering the News while waiting for Masterchef and opt for on-demand viewing.

With many e-cigarette users being ‘of a certain age’, many may well be already making use of the item in sixth spot: the adult nappy.  Half of our increasing global population are living longer and suffering with incontinence, which contributes to a 48% gush in worldwide annual sales.

Skewed by the drop in the value of the Canadian currency and the nation’s proximity to a country of consumers, buying things from Canada comes next with a jump of 51% as Americans cross the border for bargains.  It is uncertain if Donald Trump’s planned second wall will affect this trade.  Likewise, number four isn’t an actual product either but a method of payment.  60% more sales are being carried out using mobile phones than ever before as consumers opt to use apps or near field communication payment options.

So, with vaping now confirmed in the top three, we can announce that it’s not in third slot.  This position goes to everybody who feels the best way to combat gun crime and mass shootings is to buy more guns.  Smith & Wesson sales figures have blasted up by 61.5% doubling their gross profit into the bargain.

Are you now asking yourself what kind of amazing product has managed to race vaping to the finish line and victory?  Are you wondering what thing humanity loves more than almost everything else?  Probably not, but we’re going to tell you anyway because if you weren’t interested you wouldn’t be reading by now.

With a one hundred percent growth in sales, it is the hot dog.  What do you mean you aren’t excited by hotdogs?  46% of people replying in a poll run by the Metro newspaper expressed that they were “So, so excited” at the prospect of Burger King selling them in the UK.  Yes, we know, we don’t get it either.

Which means the top performer in our chart is the venerable electronic cigarette.  Triple digit sales have vaporised other markets and explains why tobacco companies are so keen to leap on board – and why pharma companies are so worried. Despite the constant wrangling with law makers and some health advocates, experts predict the global market to hit $20 billion by 2025. 

All in all, it means the trend-setting consumer is currently vaping while eating a hotdog. The television is playing Netflix’s Better Call Saul while the viewer places his or her gun next to a bag of green stuff – and the viewer never worries about missing a scene for a toilet break.

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