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Posted 4th November 2015 by Dave Cross
Tabexpo, a trade fair for tobacco goods, was held in London last week. It is aimed at manufacturers of tobacco products, tobacco, cigarette components, machines, laboratory instruments, and logistics service providers. The congress than ran concurrently offered up a number of speakers on a range of topics. ECigIntelligence, an analytical and independent resource company, provided a stimulating market perspective.

Vape companies at the event were limited to those from Shanghai and Shenzhen, the likes of Kangertech and Innokin. Speakers at the event included Clive Bates, who covered the bad science presented by those seeking to influence legislation to shore up profits, and Tim Phillips of ECigIntelligence.

Tim’s first slide demonstrated a shift in the kind of products we use. It was produced following a survey carried out on a 7,000-member forum. The rise of the regulated mod is interesting; it hasn’t come at the expense of the mech tube. Very noticeable is the carnage in the eGo sector, new users have moved on to better beginner kit and experience users have embraced the development too.

The devices used also appear to vary depending on the age of the user with mech mods decreasing in popularity with the age of the vaper. It’s popularity at the younger end of the spectrum no doubt has links to the growth in popularity of cloud competitions and sub-ohmming,

Rather obviously, people using weaker devices consume higher nicotine strength liquids. This led to decreased juice consumption by the vaper. The more efficiently a device can vaporise a juice, the higher the juice consumption but the lower the nicotine content required.

Vapers’ tastes in flavours vary depending on the type of device being used. The most popular being tobacco for cigalike fans whereas almost a third of advanced device owners have bakery tastes.

Convenience stores have witnessed a 30% drop in income from ecigs coming from a 20% drop in volume sales. This has come despite a 10% reduction in the average price. But the market continues to grow in other areas. Of note:

  • The average price of starter kits is down 17%.
  • Juice is 13% cheaper.
  • Comparable regulated box mods vary a lot in price between vendors and between brands – indicating that most vapers don’t shop around.
  • There is a correlation between box mod power and its price.

One of the final slides gave an indication of what the global market is now worth and how it compares in different regions. It can be seen that North America and Europe dominate ecig sales. It will be very interesting to see how this has changed next year after the TPD makes its impact felt.

Charts from the slide presentation by ECigIntelligence

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