Totally Wicked Petition Handover

Posted 21st September 2015 by Dave Cross
Totally Wicked are sending out a call to all vapers: come and support us as we hand over our petition - your petition. The 50,000+ names on the list will be delivered to the Department of Health at Richmond House, 79 Whitehall, London SW1A 2NS. The handover will taker place at 11am on the 29th of September.

Remember, remember!
The twenty-ninth of September,

Thanks to MEP treason and plot;
The formal submission

Of the TW petition, less vaping be forgot!

Nerves are starting to jangle and the horse rounds the corner heading for the finishing line. The trouble is that we’ve all bet on Totally Wicked in a one-horse race and yet we still don’t know if it will win.

Following the adoption of Article 20 of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) by the European parliament, Totally Wicked announced their plan to challenge the law in court. Last week we discovered that the case will be heard on the 1st of October.

Although the petition collected by the vaping company will not impact directly on the outcome of the legal action it is hoped that it will influence those making the decision. Adding your presence to the handover process will be a visible display of protest to those tasked with implementing the TPD should Totally Wicked fail.

The Totally Wicked blog says: “Why are we asking you to turn up and support us? Because we are all in this together – we are all vapers – whether we own an e-cig or five, a vape shop or a company – this is for all of our futures – our children’s futures too – this is about research over fear, about the right to choose your own destiny, and the right to earn a living helping others switch from tobacco.”


Fraser Cropper is quoted as saying: “We just want a competitive, level playing field that allows us to sell our products. Not only is it disproportionate, we believe it is contrary to established EU law. For nearly 30 million people in the EU, electronic cigarettes provide a viable alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.”

If you haven’t yet signed the petition then POTV would urge you to do so. And if you can get those who love you and support your choice to vape to add their names then all the better. One last push to send the total over 60,000 would be amazing!

So, remember, if you are able: Department of Health, Richmond House, 79 Whitehall, London SW1A 2NS at 11am on Tuesday 29th of September.

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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