How Much Wooden Comment Can A Chuck Norris Chuck?

Posted 2nd May 2015 by Dave Cross
Chuck Norris, the actor and martial artist, is a devout Christian and Far Right political activist. A staunch supporter of intelligent design, Chuck has poured scorn on Evolution and is violently opposed to vaccinations. His discounting of science and scientific research continues with his latest article on the subject of electronic cigarettes for the WND website.

The WND site is described on the Rational Wiki as having “a fundamentalist Christian, creationist view of the world, and regularly engages in racist attacks” with publishing standards that are “rock bottom”. Norris is a regular contributor with articles that would be deemed too extreme even for Fox News.

A reader asked him the following question: “Chuck, my son joined the train of those who are smoking e-cigarettes. He claims they are better for him than regular smoking and that’s why he does it. Do you have any thoughts on this latest fad?”

In a first for anti-vaping articles, Norris replied: “Technically speaking, vaping isn’t smoking.” Through the power of CTRL-C and CTRL-V Chuck even managed to define what an ecig is and list the actual components of eliquid. But his ability to provide a smidgeon of fact is then destroyed through recourse to discredited and bias research.

He cited JAMA Internal Medicine’s claims that ecig users were less likely to quit smoking than smokers. Next he grabs onto irrelevant comments by Glantz’ friend Neil Benowitz about the danger of spilling coffee. Finally he warns the world that some eliquids resemble bottles of 5-Hour energy drinks. This is dangerous, he says, becausit is the reason “why many teens are mixing these vials of nicotine with energy drinks for a quick high, according to Fox News.”

Wait, there’s more to fear: “E-juices can deliver far more than benign buzzes. These ‘e-liquids,’ the key ingredients in e-cigarettes, are powerful neurotoxins. Tiny amounts, whether ingested or absorbed through the skin, can cause vomiting and seizures and even be lethal.” Like evolution and vaccinations, Chuck’s worldview needs no reference to scientific fact.


Chuck warns us that any delay in regulations would simply serve to allow the vaping industry to “target more children.” Children need to be protected, according to Norris, from lethal nicotine liquids and he drags up a statistic on calls to the National Poison Centre. People may wonder if he pauses to consider how many nicotine deaths haven’t been reported or, considering he said: “I love gun control. You need it or you can't shoot straight,” whether the 52 infant/child/teen firearm deaths per week ought to occupy his time more.

“Besides the health risks, my biggest problem with e-cigarettes remains that I’m just not a believer that introducing another popular addictive vice in society is going to help young, old or America. Instead of perpetuating a this-is-better-than-that drug consumerism – as many do with the marijuana vs. tobacco smoking debate – maybe we should simply start making healthier decisions by eliminating any and all potential health risks in our lives.”

Eliminating all potential risk in life isn’t an obtainable goal; ‘risk’ isn’t a black and white issue because we all possess different perceptions of it. The stock market is rooted in risk aversion, F1 drivers win or lose because of it and vapers have the right to opt for informed choice. Holding an opinion, no matter how ill-informed, is perfectly acceptable – but trying to force it onto others is not, Chuck.

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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