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Failure rates for successful smoking quit attempts using an ecig has been linked to a poor vape experience. Has Kangertech broken new ground in solving this?
02.06.2015 by Dave Cross
The year is passing at a rapid rate and the next vaping event in the calendar is drawing near. We take a look at the Ecig Expo, the date for your diary is Saturday 27th June for the public and Sunday 28th June for trade only.
20.05.2015 by Dave Junglist
Nothing divides us quite as much as the issue of subohm cloud-chasing, and feelings have intensified with the development of the Pro Vaper.
30.04.2015 by Dave Cross
It looks like 2015 is going to the year of the vaping event! With the TPD hanging over us all we need to make sure that we celebrate vaping properly this year and lend our full support to these events.
17.04.2015 by Dave Junglist
One minute vaping is banned, the next they’re selling vapes to kids. Exactly what is going on in China?
15.04.2015 by Dave Cross
Korea is undergoing a huge shift from smoking to vaping after a massive tax-driven hike in the price of cigarettes. Not everyone is happy.
12.04.2015 by Dave Cross
Powerful pro-vaping words are being written if you can peer through the acres of misinformed coverage of dubious research.
04.02.2015 by Dave Cross
India loses one million a year to smoking-related death, is vaping a welcome solution?
12.11.2014 by Dave Cross
The incident of the mod exploding in Wigan gives us the opportunity to recap a couple of battery fundamentals and make some suggestions.
17.10.2014 by Dave Cross
What is the vaping community?
16.09.2014 by Toby Kilroy