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Vaper Expo - The Return - October 2017

Vape Expo weekend is here again! The trade day is open today, 27th October, and the rest of the weekend will see thousands of vapers descend on the NEC for second of the twice-yearly Vape Expo events.

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In what has become the biggest UK vape show, Vape Expo kicks off at the Birmingham NEC again this weekend with the trade day being held today and the show being open to all vapers over the weekend.

For those of you who attended the show in May you will be pleased to hear that the show takes up the same spot as last year but looks to be a better laid out in terms of floor space this year. Some will be saddened (and other delighted!) that the indoor fair ground is not there this year, the space being taken up by more vendor stalls.

You can check out the floor plan here - there really is an amazing array of manufacturers, wholesalers and vendors on show this time around. This has no doubt been bolstered by the recent emergence of 'short fill eliquids'. We are expecting to see many new juices at the show this time, the majority of them in 60 or 100ml bottles but containing a 0mg mix that allows the vaper to add a bottle or two of 18mg nic to make it up to the vaper's favourite 3mg.

We also hope to see some new innovations there, hopefully some more nic salt brands, some new pod systems may be on show and there is likely to be new hardware appearances as well as there are some great manufacturers attending.

We are personally hoping to see if any of the new 'affordable' squonk mods are around, we got the Vandy Vape Pulse yesterday and on the whole it is good, let down by a short 510 connection on one of the samples we tried. There is always modder's corner though and maybe something 'high end' will catch our eyes as well.

Whether you are a high-end enthusiast or a bargain hunter then we know that there will be something at the show for you. If you see a couple of knackered looking lads with POTV t-shirts on come and say hello!  We love these events as much for catching up with old friends and meeting online acquaintances for the first time as we do for finding out about new products. We hope to see you there!

Check out the exhibitor list and more about the event here

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Dave Junglist is co-owner of Planet of the Vapes and has been vaping since 2015.  He spent his early years with his head in a bass bin and was a very committed and experienced smoker.  He had his first cigarette at the age of 13 and just knew it was for him.  He did stop briefly with the aid of patches but reverted quickly and became a ‘secret’ smoker, working hard to keep his weak will from the attention of his family.  Vaping made an honest man of him and for this he is forever thankful. He has been involved in websites since completing a degree in Environmental Science in the late nineties.  At that time there was pretty much no contact with computers but on joining the regular workforce and deciding that the world-wide-web was the future he blagged his first job as a web designer and never looked back. As you would expect from a junglist, Dave likes his beats and is most comfortable when the bass is wobbly.

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