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Posted 26th September 2016 by Dave Cross
Initial plans for VapeCollective 2017 have been announced, get the details here.

This year’s VapeCollective was enjoyed by everybody who went to Parklands, Doncaster. Entry and camping was provided free of charge, leaving attendees more cash to enjoy themselves with and spend on juice and kit.

It has been announced that there will be another in 2017 on the 20th and 21st May. There is space for 500 campers and 90 vendors.

Damon said: "So, we asked the community for feedback after May's event and we've addressed each and every concern for next year. Honestly, those vendors and visitors that attended generally had a great time and the feedback was brilliant, however, the main criticism was how the VC vendors pitches were laid out in a giant horseshoe which gave the illusion that it was VERY quiet, so this time we'll be structuring the vendors 'Arena Style' in a circle/oval all facing inwards towards each other, with a large central social area under marquees for our visitors."

"Next up, there was some concern regarding the bar situation, Parklands closed down the main bar on Saturday to make it private for members. This time we have "The Ballroom" next door, which will be open very late for those attending, so we have that covered too. It's a massive space with a stage, so we may be putting a band or two in there - there's room for hundreds in there though."

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"Another criticism was that some of the staff were less than friendly. To be honest, I don't think they knew what hit them and it was somewhat of a culture shock. The younger staff were cool, the older generation not so much, not many, em, smiles shall we say. So, we've taken them to task on that and visitors and vendors will have a very different and warmer customer experience next May."

"Finally, the showers for campers will get some much needed attention too, making them at least bearable for our campers."

If you're a vendor and you want to be at VapeCollective, then you can email the organiser at [email protected] or PM him on Facebook at or

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