POTV at Vapefest

Posted 11th August 2015 by Dave Cross
The organisers of Vapefest have outdone themselves once more and Britain’s premier vape event continues to leap forward, setting the standard for other events to follow.

The old market town of Shrewsbury baked under a hot sun as clouds plumed from the agricultural showground. We like us a good field in the sun, we Brits. A field in the sun, a bar, some food from a van and mates to share it all with. Throw in music, I Fancy One’s spinning wheel of fortune and the raffles and you have the vaping equivalent of a Women’s’ Institute village fête on steroids.

While it is sad that some sought to undermine the sterling efforts of the organising committee, a few thefts from vendors were reported, it ought to be the positives that are remembered from this sunny August weekend. The event remains a glorious community festival - by and for vapers. The spirit of community was reflected in the French modders collective and the multi-coloured marquee shared by a host of great British juice makers.

With plenty to shop for, from low to high end purchases, people were displaying their new purchases and swapping ideas of how to conceal the price from whoever calls the tune at home. Our PoTV marquee buzzed with chatter and laughter while members shared builds and tips - and a lot of gentle ribbing over free teas, coffees and stronger liquids.

We hope you had a wonderful time. If you couldn't make it then we look forward to seeing you there next year.

Additional photo credit: Arthur Cross

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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