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Posted 30th April 2015 by Dave Cross
“Clouds? I can do them. So what? They aren’t big, they aren’t clever and they certainly aren’t for public viewing,” is typical of a comment you may encounter on the Planet of the Vapes forum when cloud chasing rears its head. But as soon as vapeheads began meeting and sharing tips it was clear the topic was here to stay.

From being featured in Youtube clips, billowing vapers progressed to showing off at vape meets and, before 2014 was out, competitions were taking place. One vendor sponsored an event at Vapefest last year while in America an International Cloud Championship was held. Although initially receiving plenty of scorn, mod and atomiser manufacturers have persisted with the ‘Pro’ designation on their competition equipment. Competitive vaping is now part and parcel of most meets and expos.

Vapers who saw nothing else in ecigs other than a pleasurable way to move away from smoking might well look at the above competition from Florida with a sense of bemusement. They aren’t alone; a recent feature in the Guardian calls the cloud chasers “daft”. But this hasn’t stopped companies like Ameravape and TBD Liquids from providing top performers with free liquid and gear – and with the advent of prize money being offered to winners there’s no turning back the clock now.

The Telegraph has gone on to claim that vaping is “more manly” than smoking was, and that it has a “surprisingly masculine appeal.” Given that the impending Tobacco Products Directive holds plans to ban electronic cigarette advertising then maybe such events have a part to play in educating smokers to the harm reduction potential of ecigs. The competitions spur media coverage that, in this case, contains the sage advice: “Two pieces of advice if you’re a smoker looking to switch - don’t try the garage forecourt e-cigarettes and buy quality brands.”

It isn’t just cloud chasing that is gaining popularity. YouTube bustles with videos depicting all manner of vape tricks. Vapers demonstrate the dedication required to perfect skills and techniques. Volcano’s website carries a guide to making your very own Vapedome.


Have you got a video of you performing tricks or cloud chasing? Do you have opinions about this aspect of vaping? Why not share them in the POTV forum.

 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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