Smoore Wins the Golden Leaf Award for the Vaporesso COSS

Posted 3rd October 2023 by Dave Cross
Smoore, the world’s leading atomisation technology company, has won the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum’s (GTNF) 2023 Golden Leaf Award for Innovation, based on both Vaporesso COSS’s design and product innovation. The Vaporesso COSS is a pod system that combines the convenience of a single-use device with a rechargeable, refillable open system.

The COSS Stick is a small pod device, while the COSS Hub acts as a power bank to charge the Stick’s battery and has a refillable e-liquid tank which can be used to automatically refill the Stick.

The product targets smokers by mimicking the act of pulling a cigarette from a packet by using a device that can be pulled from the cartridge; in this way, Smoore says, it increases its effectiveness as a smoking cessation tool.


In addition,” Smoore says, “by separately storing the e-liquid in the airtight COSS Hub, it can guarantee the flavour and nicotine content of the e-liquid stay fresh until used.”


GTNF 2023 was themed “Change the conversation. Change the outcome” and looked at the future of tobacco and nicotine industries, with health experts, government representatives, and industry executives.

Eve Wang, Vice President of Smoore International, collected the award and said, “We are proud to accept this prestigious award and to be recognised for innovation, which is central to Smoore’s mission as the world’s largest vaping manufacturer”.

According to Wang, Smoore’s focus on innovation to create vaping efficiency, in turn a product of atomisation and power efficiency, “For atomisation efficiency, there are several factors to be considered, such as e-liquid supply, the physical and chemical process of atomization, as well as the technology for aerosol generation and distribution. We have seen some promising results in these areas. If we translate it into consumer benefits, it is about a good taste experience, more puffs and greater cost effectiveness. While with power efficiency we are able to reduce the battery size, reducing environmental impact and improving the product life cycle.”

Speaking at the event, Eve Wang encouraged delegates to keep innovating, to evolve the technology to improve harm-reduction, provide better user-experience and increase cost effectiveness and sustainability.


 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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