Innokin Wins "Golden Leaf Award for Innovation" at GTNF 2023

Posted 22nd September 2023 by Michelle (Purplefowler)
Innokin, a leading brand in the vaping industry since 2011, has clinched a prestigious Golden Leaf Award for its development of MeFree, the first and only conductive ceramic to eliminate metal from vape coils. This next generation ceramic coiladdresses longstanding challenges in vaping technology, where traditional coils, containing metal heating elements, often result in uneven heating, “hot spots”, and potential release of toxic heavy metals.

E-cigarettes typically consist of three core components: a power source (the battery), a heating element (the coil), and the heated substance. The power source delivers energy to the heating element, which vaporizes the desired substance. Until now, nearly all coils have relied on metal to heat substances. However, the inherent uneven heating properties of metal often lead to “hot spots” with unnecessarily high temperatures, compromising both performance and safety.

In response to this critical issue, Innokin embarked on an intensive research and development journey to create the world’s first metal-free conductive ceramic coil, replacing metal with a revolutionary conductive ceramic as the heating element. Conventional conductive ceramic coils incorporate metal additives to enhance ceramic conductivity, but they suffer from uncontrollable resistance levels, which can result in inconsistent performance. Innokin's groundbreaking solution, which seamlessly blends non-metallic components with ceramic materials, offers a distinctive advantage: the absence of metal, translating into notably even and efficient heating.

The new conductive ceramic coil introduced by Innokin exhibits remarkable stability and erosion resistance. It rapidly and uniformly heats substances like e-liquid, delivering a purer, more satisfying flavor. This innovation marks a significant leap forward in vaping technology, offering improvements to vaping performance and safety for users.

Innokin means innovation

Innokin received the Innovation Award trophy during the Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum (GTNF). Sept. 20th, Seoul, South Korea


"We are honored to receive a Golden Leaf Award for our work in developing metal-free ceramic coil technology," stated Tao Cui, Strategy Director at Innokin. "Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of vaping technology has led us to this groundbreaking achievement. This accolade underscores our responsibility to provide our customers with safer and more enjoyable vaping products."

Innokin's conductive ceramic coil technology represents a paradigm shift in the vaping industry, setting new standards for performance, safety, and flavor purity. As the vaping landscape continues to evolve, Innokin remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering products that make a lasting positive impact on the vaping community.

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