Australia based Haku Engineering scored a huge hit over the past year with the release of the Haku Cruiser and Phenom RDAs, and the next RDA from the Haku team is hitting the market imminently!
25.04.2018 by Dan Willis
Eden Mods Squonker
Eden Mods have announced their latest product, scheduled for release later in 2018, which has been confirmed as the first Squonker from the renowned UK based manufacturer...
08.02.2018 by Dan Willis
IJOY enjoyed a great 2017, with a string of successful releases establishing them firmly as a major player in the vaping market, and 2018 is shaping up to be another great year for them!
29.01.2018 by Dan Willis
Six years after the release of the first ever Spheroid, Greek industry legends Vapourart have announced via a Facebook post that they will be officially closing their doors and ceasing production for good as of February 1st.
26.01.2018 by Dan Willis
SQuape E[c] from StattQualm
Like previous SQuape atomisers, the latest SQuape is designed and manufactured within Switzerland, and the latest SQuape tank promises to be the most affordable SQuape atomiser to date. It is known as the SQuape E[c], and it will be a stripped down
19.01.2018 by Dan Willis
Wismec are shortly releasing their first ever squonker designed in conjuction with JayBo - the Luxotic BF Mod. Available on its own, or bundled as a kit with the Tobhino BF RDA, it looks like another great budget squonking option is on the way!
19.01.2018 by Dan Willis
UK battery seller taken to task for selling counterfeit Nitecore chargers.
11.10.2017 by Dave Junglist
Flavour Boss is putting it's next e-cig flavour in the hands of its customers, to choose a limited-edition Christmas Flavour Boss Shot.
13.08.2017 by Dave Junglist
What if you could buy a mod where every single component was upgradeable as vaping technology continues to evolve? A mod where you could tweak every single feature to your own liking. That's what the Whiteout by CloudMaker Technologies proposes.
26.07.2015 by
It's been almost no time at all since we reviewed the Sense Herakles. It certainly is a great tank and comes well recommended. Shenzhen Sensetech now appear to be following up the Herakales with not just one new tank but two, the Cyclone and
21.07.2015 by