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Posted 11th December 2020 by Toby Kilroy
Merry Christmas fellow vapers! Nothing gets me in the festive mood more than a vape related Christmas Giveaway. The season we all know and love is finally here, and E-liquids.com have just announced that they’ll be partnering with Six Licks to host a “12 Days Of Christmas” inspired competition to mark the occasion!

Christmas is the season of giving, and it seems as though E-liquids.com is following this sense of tradition. The competition, named “12 Licks of Christmas'', plans to give away 3 Starter VooPoo Vape Kits and 2 Advanced VooPoo Vape kits, both with 2 x Six Licks e-liquids to five lucky winners daily! It’s not often that I hear of a vape competition giving away 5 kits daily, let alone for twelve days running! The giveaway is set to run from midnight the 11th of December to midnight the 23rd of December, giving those who enter just under a fortnight to relish in the excitement and anticipation of winning new vaping goods!

Unlike some competitions, you’ll be happy to hear that you only have to enter the competition once in order to be counted into the draw. The entry process is very straightforward - all that’s required is for you to submit your full name, date of birth, address, email and mobile number in a form on the website’s competition page. Those who enter will be added into the prize draw from the day that they subscribe and onwards. The five lucky winners of each daily prize draw should then expect to be contacted the following day via their provided email with further details on how to claim their prize!

In true 12 Days of Christmas style, E-liquids.com plans to showcase the prizes for each day as well as the winner’s names (hopefully wrapped in Christmas lights!) daily via the competition page. Revealing the prizes for the next day’s draw is a smart tactic, and one that will keep the momentum for the competition going until the very end. The prize draw is set to be running fast over the next twelve days, so those entering should regularly check their emails and visit the competition page daily to find out if they have been selected.

It’s great to see a vaping company being so inclusive with their competition prizes. Not only can advanced vapers enter the prize draw to try out their luck in winning, but also novice vapers too. And with such awesome brands like VooPoo and Six Licks up for grabs, I certainly won’t be missing out on this giveaway.

With prizes suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers available to win, this will no doubt help to encourage new vapers to the scene. For some people, E-liquids.com’s 12 Licks of Christmas competition may also provide a great opportunity to gift a VooPoo kit and Six Licks e-liquids to a friend that’s curious about vaping. Seeing a competition like this just gives me more reason to love the vaping industry. We’re a supportive bunch, us vapers, always encouraging others to join our tribe!

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This HUGE VooPoo and Six Licks e-liquids Christmas giveaway at E-liquids.com is open to anybody over the age of 18 with proof of identification. Don’t miss out - you can check out the 12 Licks of Christmas competition page for yourself here. I am no doubt looking forward to seeing what other exciting competitions E-liquids.com brings us in the New Year and beyond!

E-liquids.com is a leading UK vaping website which offers a diverse range of both vape hardware and e-liquids to suit a variety of different preferences and vaping levels. You can view their full collection here!

 Toby Kilroy
Article by Toby Kilroy
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