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Posted 30th July 2020 by Toby Kilroy
At, we are always trying to give our customers the best deals available, and our E-Liquid shortfills tick all the boxes – great choice and great value. We’ve got practically every flavour you could dream of, and at amazing prices to boot! To help you pick, we’ve shortlisted what’s hot and discounted right now

What’s Hot: Royal Seven

The latest brand to hit our shelves is Royal Seven, and we are offering a juicy 47% discount on all five flavours. These are 100ml shortfills (50ml juice) and are very much directed at the sophisticated palate.

There are a couple of tobacco based flavours, Ultra Smooth and Turkish Blend, and no less than three different coolant/menthol varieties: for those of you that love menthol try Ultra Strong Menthol, and for the rest there are Sweet & Cool and Cool & Fresh, so are perfect for those of you still craving a cigarette!

Brand of the Month: Big Mouth

Our Brand of the Month at the moment is the hugely popular Big Mouth and its comprehensive product line of 19 flavours all in 60ml shortfill form (50ml juice). They all carry a 53% discount! Here are some of our favourites:

Lemon Lush Pie E-Liquid is always popular – a dream mix of sweet and sour plus a creaminess you won’t believe! Another sweet and sour big seller is Unseen Strawberry Lime, which is one you’ll come back to again and again. Bubbly Beast is one for the bubblegum and Red Bull lovers out there, as it genuinely tastes like sweet-shop bubblegum and a mouthful of an energy drink! Not for those that don’t like something sweet, but for the rest of us, it’s pretty incredible.

Orange Splash Beast also has an energy drink flavour, but with a splash of orange, so tastes a little like Fanta. Finally, let’s spotlight Blueberry Cheesecake, a solid seller with its great dessert flavours!

Pure Eliquids

Biggest Unmissable Discount: 12 Monkeys

One of our biggest discounts at the moment is 12 Monkeys’ Matata Iced Monkey Mix, another 60ml shortfill (50ml juice). This is one that will give your mouth a real wakeup, with an apple base, notes of ripe grapes with a soupçon of menthol. It’s also currently a whopping 60% off, so grab it now.

We also carry a large variety of other 12 Monkeys flavours which are all on sale at the moment, so it’s a good time to try them if you haven’t before (or stock up on your favourites!). Hakuna Iced is another in the 60% class, also with apple, but this time with a hint of cranberry and mint too.

Must Try: Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape is another of our popular brands and one of the biggest in Europe. We’ve got 8 great flavours and all are nearly a third off.

Have you tried their Cool Yellow Slush? You can’t miss out on its pineapple-y, mango-y tropical fruitiness with just an edge of icy cooling! At 31% off, why not give it a try?

Or how about the Highland Soda? Don’t be fooled by images of Scotland – this is most definitely tropical in flavour, and Purple Fusion is another yummy tropical shortfill you must try. All Vampire Vape E-Liquids come in 75ml shortfills (50ml juice).

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Head to for more!

This is just a tiny selection of the E-Liquid shortfills we stock. We’re adding new brands and flavours all the time, and besides Royal Seven, we have also recently added Flying Circus and Heart of YBOR to the store. We are always looking for more of the best shortfills on the market for our customers and aim to offer them at the best price possible!

We also have a membership system that gives loyal customers even more savings, up to 6.25% extra, on every purchase, so there’s never been a better time to Jump on the Vape!

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to start shopping now.

 Toby Kilroy
Article by Toby Kilroy
Toby set up Planet of the Vapes in 2012 after another major vaping site was taken down. With a history in web development and running websites for clients he was well placed to use his previous knowledge to build and run a site on the scale of POTV.