North-West vape business spend Tens of Thousands in battle with clothing giant Hugo Boss

A North West vape business has been forced to spend tens of thousands defending themselves against clothing giant Hugo Boss in a row over its name.

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A North West vape business has been forced to spend tens of thousands defending themselves against clothing giant Hugo Boss in a row over its name.

Flavour Boss, a Northwest Family-run company who manufacture e-liquid concentrates for electronic cigarettes under the product name ‘Boss Shot’ have been fighting Hugo Boss for the best part of 4 years.


Flavour Boss were issued a cease and desist letter from multi-billion pound fashion giant Hugo Boss demanding that they change the name of their company and best selling product ‘Boss Shots’.

After almost four years and tens of thousands in solicitors fees, the case has finally been settled in Flavour Boss’ favour.

Rob Hackin CEO announced “It’s been a long and treacherous battle, but we are delighted to announce that we have received confirmation that EUIPO’s Second Board of Appeal has rejected both of Hugo Boss’ appeals in EU opposition proceedings”

“We were only in our infancy back then, but we had put our heart and soul into building the company and knew we had to fight it. It was a case of bully boy tactics from a multi-billion pound company attacking small independent businesses.


For anyone who has found themselves in the same situation as Flavour Boss, my advice is to fight your case and show these companies that they do not hold all the power. It’ll be a long fight, but it’s your livelihood at stake”.

Comedian Joe Lycett brought to attention the unscrupulous efforts that Hugo Boss will go to to ‘protect their name’. Joe Lycett changed his name by deed poll to Hugo boss in defence of small businesses and charities who use the name ‘Boss”.

Hugo Boss, which had a net income of €236 million in 2018, issued Flavour Boss with a cease and desist order in 2017 telling them that they had to stop using the word ‘Boss’ in their branding immediately Rob said.

The stunt received wide-spread media attention for Joe Lycett and brought to attention the hundreds of small businesses fighting Hugo Boss, including small brewing company ‘Boss Brewing’.

However, despite Joe Lycett’s best efforts, Hugo Boss still won’t drop the case against Boss Brewing and they have been forced to change the name of their beers.

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