RDA Squared

Posted 24th June 2015 by
As a confirmed RDA addict I have always gone under the assumption that RDA's (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) are traditionally round but new designs coming to the market or recently released pay homage to some strange Borg like menace of the vaping world with their new cuboid design.

Tobeco having already tried to innovate RDA design with the Turbo, a well built but sadly pointless exercise that was part RDA, part musical instrument have created the Rubik which is some strange fusion of Rubik's Cube and RDA. The fact that the device is also available multi coloured is perhaps pushing the source of inspiration a little too far. Thankfully its also available in stainless steel or black.

Remarkably they're not the only manufacturer to jump on the cube RDA bandwagon. Cosmic Innovations based in the Philippines and responsible for RDA's such as the Quasar have released the Cubix RDA.

Wotofo Tech Limited a Chinese manufacturer that is highly regarded for authentic products at low prices such as the Troll and Mini Freakshow RDA's is also pushing its own cube shaped dripper. Simply known as the Atty Cubed it is also quite a radical departure from their existing designs.

There are many more examples of these cube shaped RDA's being brought to the market. El Diablo responsible for well known RDA's such as the Mephisto V1 and V2 also offer the Hellboy RDA, a very unusual looking dripper that is another example of this cube related craze.

I'm sure some people will be asking, “do they vape differently, are they harder to build?” The sad truth is looking at most of the designs the cube part is mainly a removable steel sleeve or housing that surrounds the original rounded core of the dripper.

So in essence while this looks like innovation I think its clear to say nothing has really changed.

While I don't consider the designs unwelcome I do have to ask the question why are manufacturer's really making these instead of focusing on true innovation? At least the Turbo tried something different even if it didn't actually work as intended. Other designs that change the airflow and create vortex like conditions are perhaps more deserving of your attention.

Still its nice to have variety of choice as a consumer since at the very least the designs should hopefully appeal to box mod owners and Borg fans everywhere.

The question remains as to whether this cube design is here to stay or merely a passing trend?

The Cubix RDA is available from Boxmod Kings and the Atty Cubed can be found at Vape Geek.