Forum raffle raises money for Rethink

POTV forum member gets wood and goes on to raise £1,300 for the Rethink Mental Illness charity.

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A big thank you to everyone who donated prizes and money for the raffle that was held over the last few weeks on the forum. The raffle was kick-started by one of our long standing and much loved forum members, joe clay.

Joe has made some superb ohm-meters and recently turned his hand to making a pipe.  As you can see, it was an excellent bit of craftsmanship and he kindly offered to raffle it off with the proceeds going to charity.

The chosen charity was Rethink Mental Illness – they help people affected by mental illness in many different ways.  Pop over to their website and you will be blown away by the work that they do.

The raffle was helped massively by our moderator Rob, he is one of the most helpful and considerate members that we have on our forum and he did a stunning job of organising the event and liaising with the charity.  So hats off to you as well, Rob, this wouldn’t have had the fantastic result that it did without your time and effort!

Many of our lovely apes donated bundles of prizes to the raffle and the donations and ticket sales raised a whopping £1,300 for Rethink – we were all blown away by everyone’s generosity! Thank you to everyone who took part in this event.  

The team at Rethink sent this certificate over to say thank you - not only for the donation but also for helping to raise awareness of mental health and their organisation.

Well done to everyone involved, you make this site a credit to the vaping community!

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