Politics & Campaigns

Consumer campaign group We Vape has called for UK vapers to engage with a Scottish consultation looking to ban e-cigarette advertising
29.03.2022 by Dave Cross
The UKVIA trade body has responded to the Government publishing its findings from the TRPR consultation
28.03.2022 by Dave Cross
The post-implementation review of tobacco legislation covering The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations has been published and presented to Parliament
28.03.2022 by Dave Cross
A ban on synthetic nicotine will significantly harm consumers who want to quit smoking, says the World Vapers’ Alliance
17.03.2022 by Dave Cross
John Dunne addressed The All-Party Committee on Health about vaping, tobacco harm reduction, and legislation in Ireland
11.03.2022 by Dave Cross
Latest vaping and tobacco harm reduction discussion from Parliament
11.03.2022 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance has submitted twenty policy proposals to Javed Khan that “go all in on tobacco harm reduction” and offer the only way to the Smoke-free 2030 goal
08.03.2022 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance has responded to the Scottish consultation on tightening the rules on advertising and promotion of vape products
02.03.2022 by Dave Cross
Ireland’s Joint Committee on Health met last week and heard from vaping advocates about its proposals to change the laws applied to the vape industry and vaping products
23.02.2022 by Dave Cross
Consumer group INNCO is hosting a webinar on Advocacy Burnout on March 3rd, at 19:00 GMT
21.02.2022 by Dave Cross