Politics & Campaigns

Work has resumed at Westminster and tobacco harm reduction conversations are taking place again
19.09.2023 by Dave Cross
CAPHRA calls for the New Zealand Ministry of Health Vaping Regulatory Authority to be disbanded following its admission of issuing threats
18.09.2023 by Dave Cross
Labour Helen Hayes has introduced a Bill with cross-party support to attack the branding, promotion and advertising of electronic cigarettes
15.09.2023 by Dave Cross
Considerate Pouchers, an oral nicotine consumer advocacy organisation, has launched a global initiative “to empower pouch users worldwide”
06.09.2023 by Dave Cross
European consumer advocacy umbrella organisation ETHRA has written to the SANT Committee on non-communicable diseases
05.09.2023 by Dave Cross
Advocacy group CAPHRA has launched a Shadow Report on FCTC Article 1 (d) on Harm Reduction Strategies
29.08.2023 by Dave Cross
The Department of Health and Social Care is delighted to announce the return of Stoptober, the national campaign designed to encourage and support smokers to quit for good
29.08.2023 by Dave Cross
The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates has issued a call for greater consumer advocate participation in the WHO’s forthcoming FCTC COP10 meeting
24.08.2023 by Dave Cross
Final questions from Parliament before the MPs went off on their summer jollies and a useful intervention by Professor Linda Bauld
23.08.2023 by Dave Cross
French advocacy groups The SOVAPE association and AIDUCE have detailed a series of anti-vaping measures being proposed by the World Health Organization
21.08.2023 by Dave Cross