London Rally - Wednesday 8th

Posted 6th September 2021 by Dave Cross
The We Vape organisation is coordinating a rally in Parliament Square 12:30 this Wednesday, the 8th September, as part of its #BackVapingSaveLives campaign. The aim is to urge the UK to stand up to the World Health Organisation, whose COP9 is expected to call for even further restrictions on e-cigarettes across the world.

The WHO online conference - originally planned for the Hague but now online - is where the organisation’s policy and messaging is agreed. Journalists and consumers are banned.

The UK is second only to Sweden in Europe for its success in tackling smoking - strides ahead of France, Spain and Germany.

The #backvapingsavelives campaign is now calling for government to give vapers a voice, celebrate our success and stand up to WHO.

We Vape’s Mark Oates said: “We have some surprises planned but it is vital we raise awareness of what the World Health Organisation is doing in plain sight. That is ignoring science, abandoning common sense and letting people die due to a blinkered, irresponsible attitude towards smoking cessation aids.


"Vaping is one of the most successful harm reduction tools invented since the seat belt and the reasons behind WHO's agenda and hatred for it remain unclear.

"What we do know is their messaging will kill people. There is no debate. Millions of people who would switch from smoking to vaping will not because they are told by a global organisation we are supposed to trust vaping is as bad as smoking, when it isn't.

"It is criminal that British scientists and researchers have categorically stated vaping is 95 per cent safer than smoking and the best cessation tool we have out there, for the WHO to simply dismiss them as though they are imbeciles. The UK is a huge success story in tackling smoking but no one knows about it, WHO ignores it and the government won't promote it. Our #backvapingsavelives campaign is about raising awareness of harm reduction and the fact vaping saves and extends lives of smokers."

Over the next 12 months, EU policymakers will review their main legislation on tobacco, influenced by WHO guidance.

This means what WHO decides has a direct effect on the lives of millions of smokers and vapers, including the 3.6million e-cigarette users here in the UK, where some 60,000 people switch from tobacco to vaping each year.


The #backvapingsavelives campaign is supported by the Snus & Nicotine Pouch Users Association as well as media outlets like Planet of the Vapes, e-cig click and Vapour Round Magazine.


  • Rally - September 8 at 12:30PM in Parliament Square. You can RSVP Here.
    Support the #backvapingsavelives campaign Here.
    See the work of WeVape Here.

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