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Posted 13th July 2021 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) recently hosted a panel debate that discussed the future of tobacco harm reduction in the United Kingdom. The discussion was organised as a parallel event coinciding with the recent Global Forum on Nicotine to ensure expert involvement. It has also issued a call to consumers to get involved and contribute to NICE’s consultation process that accompanies its draft guidance on tobacco cessation.

The NNA (1) hosted its panel debate in Liverpool. The panel featured:

  • Martin Cullip, Chair of the New Nicotine Alliance
  • Mark Oates, Director of WeVape
  • Clive Bates, Director of Counterfactual
  • Rebecca Taylor, Former LibDem MEP

The quartet discussed many issues that are or may impact the treatment of nicotine use and vaping within the UK. They addressed potential challenges and spoke about barriers that need to be circumvented.

The Future of Tobacco Harm Reduction in the United Kingdom

Regarding the draft NICE guidelines consultation, the NNA says: “If you wish to comment on the guidelines you can do so as an individual or you can submit comments though a registered stakeholder organisation. Comments from individuals will be accepted but will not get a formal response and will not be posted on the NICE website.

NNA is a registered stakeholder organisation, if you would like to submit your comments through NNA please send them to [email protected] by 16 July. We will then submit your comments along with ours.”

Vape Club

Comments need to include the document name, page number and line number of the text each comment is about. The form also asks 4 separate questions, which you might want to address in your response. Consultations may not sound fun, but this is so important – getting user views can make a huge difference so please add your voice.”


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