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Posted 22nd February 2021 by Dave Cross
The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) has issued a call to action for vapers to get involved with the UK government’s vaping law consultation. The overhaul of the Tobacco and Related Products legislation (TRPR) comes about due to Britain leaving the European Union and no longer being bound by the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

Please respond to the UK government’s open consultation for the review of the legislation which applies to vaping products,” writes the NNA(1). “Brexit gives us an opportunity to diverge from the EU’s TPD and it is crucial that we consumers tell the government what changes we want. We have lived with the consequences of the TPD, no one knows better than us! This is an easy and quick consultation to do, as there are only 6 questions which relate to safer nicotine products.”

The TRPR consultation(2) is linked to below and vapers have until 19 March to add their opinions.

HM Government says: “In your response, please do not include any information that could identify you or somebody else. For example, do not include anyone's name, age, job title or email address. You can save your response at any point and come back to complete it later. When you submit your response you will have the option to view and print a copy of your response.

The questions directly applicable to vaping ask:

  • Question 6: “How far do you agree or disagree that the current regulations on e-cigarettes have been proportionate in protecting young people from taking up use of these products?”
  • Question 7: “How far do you agree or disagree that the current regulations have ensured that e-cigarettes are available for those smokers who wish to switch to these products?”
  • Question 8: “What effect do you think the regulations have had on smokers considering switching to e-cigarettes?”
  • Question 9: “Do you consider the restrictions on e-cigarette advertising to be an effective way to discourage young people and non-smokers from using e-cigarettes?”

The NNA says: “On the consultation page the government says that ‘there is opportunity to consider, in the future, further regulatory changes that help people quit smoking and address the harms from tobacco.’. In NNA’s submission we will call for future legislation to distinguish between combustible and non-combustible products - i.e between products which are very harmful (cigarettes) and those which are significantly less harmful (vaping products, snus, nicotine pouches, heated tobacco products).”


“The experience of snus - a pasteurised oral tobacco product which is far less risky to health than smoking - shows us that the current distinction between tobacco and non tobacco products does not benefit health. In September we wrote to the government to suggest post-Brexit tobacco and nicotine policy reforms. Our letter(3) might be useful to read when considering points to include in your consultation response.


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  2. Tobacco and related products legislation introduced between 2015 to 2016: reviewing effectiveness - https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/tobacco-and-related-products-legislation-introduced-between-2015-to-2016-reviewing-effectiveness
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