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Posted 15th February 2019 by Dave Cross
We are sharing our stories in the run-up to National No-Smoking Day. They are as unique as how we like to vape, yet all share the fact that vaping worked in helping us to quit or avoid returning to cigarettes. These tales demonstrate vaping’s efficacy as a quit smoking tool and are presented to counterbalance the lies coming out of America. We hope they give hope to smokers thinking about making a quit attempt on the 13th March.

Clive (cliveh2) tried to give up smoking many times before he took up vaping, “I used patches, chewing gum, the little blue pills and the spray - sometimes all at the same time - nothing worked.”

Smoking began to take its toll: “My breathing sounded awful, chest was always heavy and my breathing was so bad it kept the wife awake at night, I always seemed to have a cold and a constant cough.”

Clive tried to find success with a pen-style device but it didn’t tick the boxes and his smoking crept back up to 20 a day. In 2016, he was given was given an Eleaf 50 watt mod and brought a nautilus tank, filled it with some cheap lychee liquid, and was finally away.

“I took to it like a duck to water, not had a cigarette from that day on, and after a couple of months didn't even want one.”

drInhs finally quit smoking in July 2015 despite not planning to. Twenty years of a 20-per day habit ended after his brother bought him an Ego battery and a CE4.

“So a journey began, a few Innokin devices later, a few Nautilus tanks, and a few months of dual fuelling was followed by the purchase of the Kanger Subtank Mini kit - and that was it. I haven’t looked back since.”

“I’ve been rebuilding atomisers since August 2015, joining POTV in the November and mixing my own juices since January 2017. It’s more of a hobby as it appeals to the chemist in me I guess.”

Joe Clay began smoking at 14, and continued for the next 36 years. Eventually, the decades took their toll and Joe began experiencing asthma, a lack of energy, and got sick of smelling of stale tobacco, “no matter how many showers I had I still stank. I tried a friend’s e-cigarette and within 3 days I had my own, and never looked back.”

Now Joe, at 54, says he has energy to go to the gym, he no longer uses his asthma pump, plus “my skin seems to look fresher (so I’m told), and I can taste the food I’m eating.”

“POTV has also been an inspiration as when I joined I didn’t know very much about vaping. The amount of help I received from experienced vapers was extremely helpful in my journey to where I am today. There was never any judging just great helpful information, no matter how stupid a question.”



 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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