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Posted 12th February 2019 by Dave Cross
We are sharing our stories in the run-up to National No-Smoking Day. They are as unique as how we like to vape, yet all share the fact that vaping worked in helping us to quit or avoid returning to cigarettes. These tales demonstrate vaping’s efficacy as a quit smoking tool and are presented to counterbalance the lies coming out of America. We hope they give hope to smokers thinking about making a quit attempt on the 13th March.

Kamido quit smoking in June 2016 thanks to vaping: “I smoked from the age of 16, first started on tailor-mades then rolling tobacco. Because of my job I could smoke all day, and was smoking nearly fifty grams of drum a day.”

“As I got older it was clear my health was starting to suffer - always had a cough and was using an asthma pump all the time, pushing a lawnmower at work left me out of breath.”

“My better half gave up smoking three months before me with the help of vaping.” Kamido tried her kit on the Sunday and had bought an identical one before she woke on the Monday. “I’ve not smoked a cigarette since that day and I have not had to use the asthma pump.”

Forum member nialb had “multiple attempts at quitting smoking”. Patches, spraymists and Champix failed to obtain lasting results, but that changed when he tried vaping.

“I quit in August 2015 as soon as I picked up my first vape. I started on a standard pen with some 16mg watermelon liquid and as soon as I took my first drags I didn't even think about wanting a cigarette. My first set-up cost me 25 quid and was the best money I could have spent.”

“I can now run around without getting completely out of breath, and I don't stink of fags (I realised that my old boss absolutely honked of fags after I’d given up). Also, when I do need to go out for a toot, I don't have to stand out there until I've finished my cig. I can toot a few times and then head back into the office. Happy days all round,” Nial adds.

“I joined POTV in around October 2015 and it has been a constant source of help, support, and general banter. I pop in pretty much on a daily basis, although the birth of my new child at the beginning of the year, and the start of a new job recently has meant that I'm not as active as I once was, but I know it's a place that you can jump back in as and when, and it's like you've never been away.”

What story could you tell?


 Dave Cross
Article by Dave Cross
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