Vaping News

An irresponsible vaper fed juice to his crying baby when it was hungry.
15.02.2018 by Dave Cross
A school has taken its fight against vaping to a ridiculous new level by closing bathrooms to students.
15.02.2018 by Dave Cross
The owner of Alien Vape® is taking a small independent vendor to court, alleging trademark infringement.
13.02.2018 by Dave Cross
The European Court of Justice hearing for the Snus case took place on the 25th January
13.02.2018 by Dave Cross
Eden Mods Squonker
Eden Mods have announced their latest product, scheduled for release later in 2018, which has been confirmed as the first Squonker from the renowned UK based manufacturer...
08.02.2018 by Dan Willis
Research paid for by members of the pharmaceutical industry produces bizarre findings.
08.02.2018 by Dave Cross
Further work with batteries could lead to faster charging and longer lives.
07.02.2018 by Dave Cross
Touted as “the most comprehensive report on e-cigarettes”, it gives the media an opportunity to confirm its bias.
06.02.2018 by Dave Cross
Survey specialists YouGov give cause for joy to some, and concern for others.
05.02.2018 by Dave Cross
A new study claims that there are no health impacts from vaping, but is all as it seems?
05.02.2018 by Dave Cross
Researchers in Portland, Oregon, have looked at the type of injuries sustained by vapers and categorised them.
02.02.2018 by Dave Cross
The UK Vaping Industry Association is looking forward to a relaxed market after Brexit.
01.02.2018 by Dave Cross
Americans are worried about vaping leading kids into using drugs, and a study says they’re right to be concerned.
31.01.2018 by Dave Cross
A round-up of some recent interesting UK-based vape news articles.
31.01.2018 by Dave Cross