Vaping News

The police are warning drivers that vaping behind the wheel could lead to fines and loss of licence.
12.03.2018 by Dave Cross
Man relying on millions of public and pharmaceutical money attacks vaping as a quit product.
08.03.2018 by Dave Cross
A politician has been forced to apologise after lying about the reasons for a boy dying.
08.03.2018 by Dave Cross
Scientists claim to have discovered dangerous heavy metals in vape from vape coils.
06.03.2018 by Dave Cross
Public Health England addresses some of the regular myths surrounding vaping.
05.03.2018 by Dave Cross
More vape-related news items from around the globe.
05.03.2018 by Dave Cross
New UK research looking at how and if vaping works as a stop smoking product.
01.03.2018 by Dave Cross
Results from the recent research with mice are being called a “public health disaster”.
28.02.2018 by Dave Cross
Leading vape-related news from the UK.
28.02.2018 by Dave Cross
Studies suggest switching isn’t easy and adverts drive up quit rates.
26.02.2018 by Dave Cross
Get Wrecked Juices are finding out that it wasn’t wise to steal Wrigley’s intellectual property.
24.02.2018 by Dave Cross
According to a recent survey, smokers are more attractive than vapers.
23.02.2018 by Dave Cross
The Isle of Man six-month long prison ecig pilot has been declared a success.
23.02.2018 by Dave Cross
Vape-related news from around the world
20.02.2018 by Dave Cross