Vaping News

This week’s assorted stories from home about vapers and vaping.
01.11.2016 by Dave Cross
The American Academy of Paediatrics unveiled more of the same ecig nonsense at their annual conference.
01.11.2016 by Dave Cross
Leading harm reduction advocates strike back at The Times for carrying a defamatory article.
31.10.2016 by Dave Cross
As a follow-up to Glantz’ Regulator Watch interview, Michael Siegel deconstructs his anti-vape position.
31.10.2016 by Dave Cross
Ecig advertising regulations might allow retailers to continue to advertise their services but will ban almost all product marketing.
28.10.2016 by Dave Junglist
Dubious survey claims that electronic cigarettes provoke mixed reactions in clinicians, say anti-vape researchers.
27.10.2016 by Dave Cross
Doctors’ warning about confusing eliquid with eye drops raises the subject of vaping and eye health.
25.10.2016 by Dave Cross
Advocates claim vaping works, research reports positive conclusions and yet legislators still seek to stifle ecigs.
24.10.2016 by Dave Cross
Regardless of the legality, vaping’s name is being sullied by questionable eliquid branding.
24.10.2016 by Dave Cross
Excessive taxes on vaping are rolling out or proposed in Pennsylvania, Chicago and California.
24.10.2016 by Dave Cross
More news regarding the drink driver who claimed his vape pushed him over the limit.
20.10.2016 by Dave Cross
An update of vape-related news in the United Kingdom.
20.10.2016 by Dave Cross
EU-funded investigation to look at second-hand vape emissions.
18.10.2016 by Dave Cross
Glantz demonstrates that his mind is not for changing when it comes to speaking about vaping.
17.10.2016 by Dave Cross