Vaping News

Recent studies, all with negative conclusions about vaping hit the news at the same time.
12.10.2017 by Dave Cross
Family call for justice one year after vaper shot dead by San Diego police
11.10.2017 by Dave Cross
A roundup of vape news stories from the United Kingdom.
11.10.2017 by Dave Cross
UK battery seller taken to task for selling counterfeit Nitecore chargers.
11.10.2017 by Dave Junglist
More worldwide vape news makes that Britain seem an outstanding place to be if you’re a vaper!
10.10.2017 by Dave Cross
Academics ask if electronic cigarettes are a promise or a threat to India.
10.10.2017 by Dave Cross
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is after your opinions.
06.10.2017 by Dave Cross
The decision to place vaping into the Quit message mix causes a stir among experts.
06.10.2017 by Dave Cross
Well the results are in – and you raised a bigger amount than ever for our chosen charity this year – a whopping £4,315!
04.10.2017 by Dave Junglist
A woman was asked to stop vaping in a fast food shop, her answer was a racist outburst.
03.10.2017 by Dave Cross
NHS Scotland declares vaping to be “less harmful” and sees it helping the country to become smoke-free.
02.10.2017 by Dave Cross
A non-smoker has been recorded as curing recurrent tonsillitis by becoming a vaper.
29.09.2017 by Dave Cross
Derek Yach launches a $1-billion foundation to eliminate smoking and embrace vaping.
29.09.2017 by Dave Cross
Cancer patients who quit smoking have been shown to extend their lives.
28.09.2017 by Dave Cross