Vaping News

Clive Bates spoke at the Ecig Summit about disruptive technology and what has been disrupted.
22.11.2018 by Dave Cross
Konstantinos Farsalinos spoke to the audience at the E-Cigarette Summit about bias within research and implored academics to tell the truth.
21.11.2018 by Dave Cross
The All Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping launches a report covering vaping in workplaces and public places, with recommendations for employers and vapers
20.11.2018 by Dave Cross
After weeks and months of speculation and irresponsible statements, the FDA has launched its offensive that could eliminate most vape products.
19.11.2018 by Dave Cross
Extended coverage of the presentations from the E-Cigarette Summit 2018
19.11.2018 by Dave Cross
Scientists, public health professionals and policy makers from around the world gathered in London for The E-Cigarette Summit: Science, Regulation and Health 2018
16.11.2018 by Dave Cross
Is the Thai approach to vaping set to change? Maybe…
15.11.2018 by Dave Cross
Mark Drakeford is back after two years away from attacking vaping in Wales, and this time he’s brought a whole raft of old, failed ideas with him.
14.11.2018 by Dave Cross
New study looks at whether vaping and NRT products increase smoking cessation and reduce cigarette consumption
14.11.2018 by Dave Cross
Tobacco Control has identified a new line of attack in its “anything goes” approach to vilifying vaping in the eyes of teens and parents
13.11.2018 by Dave Cross
Anti-vape Lincolnshire physiotherapist David Bareham has launched a number of attacks on respected pro-harm reduction Dr Alex Wodak and MP/solicitor Norman Lamb
13.11.2018 by Dave Cross
The FDA appears to be pushing ahead with its ill-founded ban on vape sales from non-specialist stores
12.11.2018 by Dave Cross
The Advertising Standards Authority has changed its position on vaping and has ruled that health claims can now be made
12.11.2018 by Dave Cross
A shockingly high number of UK medical practitioners owned up to a high level of ignorance on the benefits of vaping instead of smoking
09.11.2018 by Dave Cross