Vaping News

The FDA needs to be told about the benefits of flavours, Farsalinos is doing a study.
04.04.2018 by Dave Cross
Vapers are being refused access to In Vitro Fertilisation treatment.
03.04.2018 by Dave Cross
A roundup of vape related news from around the globe.
03.04.2018 by Dave Cross
FOREST mouthpiece tries to pick a fight with volunteer harm reduction advocates.
02.04.2018 by Dave Cross
A judge presiding over a murder trial has been attacked for vaping during the proceedings.
31.03.2018 by Dave Cross
BBC’s Daily Politics covered the launch of VApril yesterday.
31.03.2018 by Dave Cross
The University of California is working overtime to push out anti-vape research.
29.03.2018 by Dave Cross
Stanton Glantz touts a gateway study on social media and gets torn to shreds.
29.03.2018 by Dave Cross
Evidence presented at the 3rd Oral Session of the Science & Technology Committee inquiry into e-cigarettes.
29.03.2018 by Dave Cross
A staggering move that sees groups claiming to value health attempting to move a ban on a healthier vaping option.
29.03.2018 by Dave Cross
Researchers use poster presentation to relaunch their vape-related birth defect propaganda.
29.03.2018 by Dave Cross
News of the latest developments and changes in the world of batteries.
28.03.2018 by Dave Cross
Quitting smoking can lead to a weight problem, research shows vaping helps.
27.03.2018 by Dave Cross
Researchers’ latest study has demonstrated that daily vaping helps smokers to quit.
26.03.2018 by Dave Cross