Vaping News

Flavour Boss is putting it's next e-cig flavour in the hands of its customers, to choose a limited-edition Christmas Flavour Boss Shot.
13.08.2017 by Dave Junglist
Ecigs work as a quit tool, say researchers at the University of California.
11.08.2017 by Dave Cross
Two studies were published last month, both looking at the subject of vaping being a gateway to tobacco.
11.08.2017 by Dave Cross
Dr Caitlin Notley talks about how e-cigarettes are used to avoid relapses back in to old smoking habits.
09.08.2017 by Dave Cross
The University of Leicester has received funds from Cancer Research UK to study youth vaping.
09.08.2017 by Dave Cross
The Food and Drug Administration adds to the positive vape news but there is still work to do.
08.08.2017 by Dave Cross
University of California San Francisco researchers attack vaping again.
07.08.2017 by Dave Cross
Appeal court upholds ban on vaping in the cabins on planes.
07.08.2017 by Dave Cross
Australian doctors and psychiatrists have been branded as tobacco company stooges.
04.08.2017 by Dave Cross
The Chinese pharmacist and inventor of vaping spoke at an international symposium.
03.08.2017 by Dave Cross
Local vape shop works with NHS to reduce tobacco-related diseases.
02.08.2017 by Dave Cross
Another fire service offers advice following a battery-related accident.
02.08.2017 by Dave Cross
The Department of Health has released the new Tobacco Control Plan for England.
31.07.2017 by Dave Cross
Wrigley has launched a legal attack on a juice maker using their chewing gum branding.
30.07.2017 by Dave Cross