Vaping News

Academic arguments have been made for and against vaping in public spaces.
10.04.2017 by Dave Cross
CDC researchers produce a pointless and shockingly bad piece of science.
06.04.2017 by Dave Cross
Australian authorities have rejected appeals for vaping to treated more fairly.
05.04.2017 by Dave Cross
Roberto Sussman attacks the lies lying behind a journal’s attempts at censorship.
05.04.2017 by Dave Cross
As Australia clutches to the Dark Ages, New Zealand moves to make ecigs legal.
04.04.2017 by Dave Cross
The American Department of Defence is waging a war – against vaping.
04.04.2017 by Dave Cross
Positivity from a source close to Big Tobacco, but hysteria from Hawaii.
30.03.2017 by Dave Cross
Ludicrous calls to American legislators claim vaping is ensnaring a new generation of addicts.
29.03.2017 by Dave Cross
Hot on the heels of VIP going into administration comes the news that ECIG filed an 8-K bankruptcy form.
28.03.2017 by Dave Cross
Professor Linda Bauld delivers an update on her on-going research.
27.03.2017 by Dave Cross
The insurance industry lags behind scientific opinion, vapers could pay the price.
27.03.2017 by Dave Cross
A study looks at the effect of using citric acid in e-liquids.
24.03.2017 by Dave Cross
New research is welcomed by scientific journals as evidence ecigs do not increase the likelihood of tobacco consumption.
22.03.2017 by Dave Cross
San Diego study looks at three million tweets to discover people’s attitudes to vaping.
22.03.2017 by Dave Cross