Vaping News

Some electronic cigarettes are better than others when it comes to smoking cessation according to latest findings.
28.04.2015 by Dave Cross
“It's not safe, it's highly addictive and you don't know what else is in it”
23.04.2015 by Dave Cross
A little bit of fear and tub-thumping helps journalists in the USA while away the quite times.
23.04.2015 by Dave Cross
Does the impending ban on menthol cigarettes in Canada signal further action on vape flavours?
22.04.2015 by Dave Cross
What do you do to combat smoking? A US senator suggests keeping people in the dark about the alternatives.
21.04.2015 by Dave Cross
Ecig use in groups of children in Wales has been highlighted in research published in the British Medical Journal
20.04.2015 by Dave Cross
Flavourings in eliquid are under scrutiny following a new report by a team from Portland State University. Should vapers live in fear of a blacklisted planet?
17.04.2015 by Dave Cross
It looks like 2015 is going to the year of the vaping event! With the TPD hanging over us all we need to make sure that we celebrate vaping properly this year and lend our full support to these events.
17.04.2015 by Dave Junglist
The Indian government has got all hot under the collar about vaping and plan a spicy yet unpalatable solution.
15.04.2015 by Dave Cross
One minute vaping is banned, the next they’re selling vapes to kids. Exactly what is going on in China?
15.04.2015 by Dave Cross
What are the latest pieces of obscure news exploding onto the vaping scene?
15.04.2015 by Dave Cross
German research into the effects of vape and smoke on lung tissue released this week.
14.04.2015 by Dave Cross
Korea is undergoing a huge shift from smoking to vaping after a massive tax-driven hike in the price of cigarettes. Not everyone is happy.
12.04.2015 by Dave Cross
It is possible to feel swamped by the onslaught of bad media coverage on vaping. There are some very positive stories out there too...
09.04.2015 by Dave Cross
Doctor George Rae was interviewed about electronic cigarettes on BBC Radio Newcastle and gave us an insight to his huge bank of medical expertise.
08.04.2015 by Dave Cross
A survey into the vaping habits of children in the North East highlights a glaring fact – someone at Liverpool John Moores University doesn’t like us.
08.04.2015 by Dave Cross
A professor at a Californian university speaks about ecigs, possibly sending tremors through the ‘Ban It’ establishment.
08.04.2015 by Dave Cross
Inspired by Michael Siegel’s 'March Madness' article, we look at the things people have said this month – but with a more positive bent.
02.04.2015 by Dave Cross
Ron Chapman, friend of Stanton Glantz, ex-fellow of the University of California, San Francisco and Director of the California Department of Public Health and State Health Officer lies behind the drive to eradicate vaping in the state.
02.04.2015 by Dave Cross
In troubled times when irresponsible anti-vapers treat truth like egg shells to be crushed it is a delight to have doctors such as Riccardo Polosa speaking out.
31.03.2015 by Dave Cross