Vaping News

Benowitz cloaks himself in the International Association for Dental Research to slam vaping from another angle.
06.08.2018 by Mawsley
Wismec's Luxotic line of products has proven to be very popular over the past year, and a new addition to the Luxotic line is due to hit the market in August 2018...
03.08.2018 by dw1986
Researchers in China and Chicago waste money by reading tweets by vapers.
03.08.2018 by Mawsley
After the runaway success of the Recurve RDA, Wotofo are teaming up with Mike Vapes once again for the Wotofo Recurve Squonk Mod
02.08.2018 by dw1986
JUUL hits back after finally ending its passive response to the lies and attacks.
02.08.2018 by Mawsley
As the holiday season gets into full swing there is a word of warning for vaping tourists heading to Singapore.
01.08.2018 by Mawsley
The launch in the UK has triggered those who have vociferously campaigned against vaping in America – and woken up some UK ones too.
01.08.2018 by Mawsley
New research claims to expose a new danger associated to vaping, but only demonstrates a willingness to harm animals needlessly.
31.07.2018 by Mawsley
The falling pound has had an impact on British bargain hunters making use of a Hong Kong based business.
31.07.2018 by Mawsley
Tobacco giant Philip Morris has been slammed for breaching advertising regulations and sent a formal order to desist.
30.07.2018 by Mawsley
The organisers of Vapefest have begun to release details of the UK’s best vape raffle - taking place THIS WEEKEND!
30.07.2018 by Mawsley
Sir Kevin Barron committed to supporting vaping in a parliamentary Tobacco Control Plan debate.
27.07.2018 by Mawsley
The State of Massachusetts is flying into a tizzy as Juul leaps to new highs.
27.07.2018 by Mawsley
The Australian state of Queensland is cracking down on vaping and people are crying foul.
24.07.2018 by Mawsley
Juul has announced that it is reducing the strength of its pods – which has opened it up to more criticism.
24.07.2018 by Mawsley
The Legislative Council of Hong Kong is due to debate the placing of restrictions on the sale of vape products next week.
24.07.2018 by Mawsley
New research states that high temperature vaping doesn’t cause issues.
23.07.2018 by Mawsley
Assorted vape titbits from the world
20.07.2018 by Mawsley
It is announced that Juul will launch in 250 UK vape shops by the end of this week.
19.07.2018 by Mawsley
UK Involvement in the EU Sin Tax consultation and petition has been very low. Act now or face more expensive kit and juices.
18.07.2018 by Mawsley