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The Mirror has carried many anti-vaping stories; the latest one is anything but.
22.07.2015 by Dave Cross
It's been almost no time at all since we reviewed the Sense Herakles. It certainly is a great tank and comes well recommended. Shenzhen Sensetech now appear to be following up the Herakales with not just one new tank but two, the Cyclone and
21.07.2015 by
Vape drama escalates through social media.
21.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Isn’t it time to shut the door to any mentions of an ecig gateway effect?
21.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Smokers wanting to leave tobacco face a range of options. How useful could vaping really be?
20.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Some vape battles have ended in victory, their impact on the on-going war remains uncertain.
17.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Peter Hajek speaks out in favour of ecigs for sufferers of mental health issues.
16.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Pioneer4You are now rolling out two new temperature control mods. The IPV3 Li - a 165 watt dual battery set up, and the IPV D2 - a 75 watt single battery offering.
15.07.2015 by
Vaper, musician and all-round bloke with a beard no one over 30’s heard of blames eliquid for deafness.
15.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Two contrasting medical viewpoints illustrate how the public is being fed mixed messages.
14.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Rumoured to be planning to bring out a 75w, a 100w and also a 150w device it seems Eleaf could be contending with other manufacturers in the latest box mod arms race...
13.07.2015 by
The Vaper Expo held its inaugural event at the NEC on the 11th and 12th of July.
13.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Sounding like something a bunch of desperate Klingons want to smuggle across the Neutral Zone, Innokin brings you the Disrupter.
09.07.2015 by
Welsh vapers will begin to think that a week isn’t normal unless a politician comments about banning vaping.
09.07.2015 by Dave Cross
The nationwide smoking ban in UK prisons looms, could staff and inmates benefit from the American model?
08.07.2015 by Dave Cross
The Department of Health seeks views on draft regulations on implementing the revised EU Tobacco Products Directive.
07.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Vaping is to be banned in Singapore. Again.
06.07.2015 by Dave Cross
POTV is a proud sponsor of the Vaper Expo UK at the NEC.
06.07.2015 by Dave Cross
First Vaporshark, then Five Pawns: the presence of diketones in eliquid has been thrust firmly into the spotlight.
03.07.2015 by Dave Cross
In the theatre of life, anti-ecig legislators are doing a good job at coming across as pantomime villains.
02.07.2015 by Dave Cross