Vaping News

Vaping’s bête noir is back with another feeble attack and misrepresentation of the science.
17.08.2016 by Dave Cross
Hot Vape Study: Another study claims to find elevated levels of aldehydes in hot vapes
16.08.2016 by Dave Cross
Carolina doctors say it’s better to keep smoking than use ecigs to quit
16.08.2016 by Dave Cross
If standards are going to be set for vaping, who do you trust to oversee them?
15.08.2016 by Dave Cross
Five French vaping-related associations launch an attack on the TPD advertising and promotion ban.
15.08.2016 by Dave Cross
An international committee has been set up as GPs call for a ban on ecig prescriptions
09.08.2016 by Dave Cross
An FDA director believes there is no evidence to say vaping works as a smoking cessation tool
08.08.2016 by Dave Cross
Linda Bauld states that vaping reduces cancer during a RegulatorWatch interview.
05.08.2016 by Dave Cross
A man’s house is raided by police and he is detained for the crime of vaping in private - welcome to Singapore.
05.08.2016 by Dave Cross
Harsh ecig regulation is planned for Malaysia despite a positive study by Konstantinos Farsalinos.
03.08.2016 by Dave Cross
Sweeping changes in attitudes to traditional cigarettes and vaping are taking place in France
02.08.2016 by Dave Cross
Instead of clearing things up for manufacturers, new legislation appears to be sowing greater confusion.
01.08.2016 by Dave Cross
Dainius Martuzevicius spoke to the Global Forum on Nicotine about "Characterisation of the dynamic properties of exhaled aerosol particles following use of electronic and conventional cigarettes". Martuzevicius comes from the Faculty of
29.07.2016 by Dave Cross
Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos spoke at the Global Forum on Nicotine to debunk many pieces of ecig research.
29.07.2016 by Dave Cross