Vaping News

It seems not very much time has passed since Sigelei released their 150 watt box mod and with UK vendors only due to get stock of the 75 watt temperature control device towards the middle of this month, is this one mod too many?
17.06.2015 by VapeMaster
Doctor Farsalinos offered the Global Forum for Nicotine his opinions on where researchers are failing to deliver good science.
17.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Australian Doctor Attila Danko gave a rousing speech at the Global Forum for Nicotine.
16.06.2015 by Dave Cross
A paper presented at the Global Forum for Nicotine contains some interesting information.
16.06.2015 by Dave Cross
A research paper looking at vaping from a dentist’s perspective is highly supportive.
15.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Just as Scrappy Doo destroyed solving mysteries for the occupants of the Mystery Machine, young folks are encouraging daft approaches to ecigs.
10.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Media reporting the calls for more thought required when drawing up legislation on vaping
10.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Celebrity vapers have annoyed politicians and public health campaigners. They’re not going to stop any time soon.
10.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Labour announce plans to restrict vaping in Wales to save children from the dangers of smoking.
09.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Bit by bit the freedom to vape is being curtailed in public places – we look at events in Canada and France
09.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Smoking comes at a cost over and above that of just money. Does vaping really help smokers quit?
08.06.2015 by Dave Cross
The Tobacco Products Directive threatens to rob us of liquids, vendors and equipment – but can it do that successfully?
08.06.2015 by Dave Cross
The Houses of Parliament ban MPs from vaping in their offices.
04.06.2015 by Dave Cross
This week vaping advocates have organised a “Thunderclap” and Europe-wide demonstrations. Initial reports indicate low-level support. Why don’t most vapers want to get involved?
03.06.2015 by Dave Cross