Vaping News

Common sense prevails in a region otherwise bent on adopting outright vaping bans.
19.08.2015 by Dave Cross
NRT product demand continues to decline making Big Pharma fight dirty.
18.08.2015 by Dave Cross
Bitter opponent of vaping breaks cover and speaks at a conference.
17.08.2015 by Dave Cross
Cannabis continues to be the elephant in the vaping room. Should we talk it out?
14.08.2015 by Dave Cross
Big T ECITA member uses fake safety logo according to the BBC program Fake Britain.
14.08.2015 by Dave Cross
Is youth vaping the problem South Californian researchers claim?
13.08.2015 by Dave Cross
Vaping has been endorsed by the UK government’s psycological “Nudge Unit”.
12.08.2015 by Dave Cross
Ireland is launching draconian ecig advertising bans in September.
12.08.2015 by Dave Cross
Planet of the Vapes had a wonderful time at Vapefest and here is a reminder of the weekend
11.08.2015 by Dave Cross
What happens to the batteries used by 2.8million UK vapers?
05.08.2015 by Dave Cross
Regulations are coming, but there seems to be quite a lot of too and fro taking place in current approaches and expectations.
05.08.2015 by Dave Cross
With the ecig debate being muddied by misinformation some medical practitioners just don’t know what to think.
05.08.2015 by Dave Cross
Could this signal the end of vaping in Norway?
05.08.2015 by Dave Cross
Tales of partial zero tolerance for risk and hidden treasure on the online media’s high seas.
04.08.2015 by Dave Cross