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06.07.2015 by Dave Cross
First Vaporshark, then Five Pawns: the presence of diketones in eliquid has been thrust firmly into the spotlight.
03.07.2015 by Dave Cross
In the theatre of life, anti-ecig legislators are doing a good job at coming across as pantomime villains.
02.07.2015 by Dave Cross
This is a warning that another wave of media ecig warnings are probably coming.
02.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Vape businesses in the Big Apple receive fines for breaking the law.
01.07.2015 by Dave Cross
Despite mild growth in the UK in 2014, predictions are still set for bumper global growth in vaping.
30.06.2015 by Dave Cross
An update on American legislation as States adopt further electronic cigarette measures.
30.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Latest research from Harvard attempts to link the chemical loading of cigarettes to vaping.
24.06.2015 by Dave Cross
RDA's (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) are traditionally round but new designs coming to the market or recently released pay homage to some strange Borg like menace of the vaping world with their new cuboid design.
24.06.2015 by VapeMaster
While California is still hung up on non-existent vaping take up rates in youth, the Reuters news agency has contributed its own research on trends.
23.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Does anybody pay attention to advertising? Can vaping ads really convince non-smokers to vape?
22.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Further restrictions on vaping while travelling have come into effect – here is an overview.
19.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Following draconian proposals to ban vaping from public places in Wales, what is the future for England?
18.06.2015 by Dave Cross
Aspire have today alerted us two new products that they have in the pipeline. The first is the Triton, a new tank which appears to have a great range of options, which we will discuss shortly, and also a new mod. Details about the new mod have not
17.06.2015 by Dave Junglist