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In case you have been locked away in the days of future past you might have missed the slow-burn news story from Wigan. Media coverage is littered with errors and misconceptions, social media filled with outrage and then outrage about the outrage,
16.10.2014 by Dave Cross
Hot on the heels of last week’s ruling regarding VIP Electronic Cigarette’s “sexy” campaign comes revised rules for e-cigarettes from the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) to ensure they continue to be promoted in a responsible way.
09.10.2014 by Dave Cross
Totally Wicked, the UK's leading electronic cigarette manufacturer, has won the right to formally challenge the validity of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) at the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) in Luxembourg.
09.10.2014 by Dave Cross
An summary of the research looking at passive vaping carried out by Ballbèa et al.
09.10.2014 by Dave Cross
Are the World Health Organisation aiding the confusion around e-cigarettes? A rising number of people think that they are.
29.09.2014 by Toby Kilroy
An ecig user in California has filed a misrepresentation class action lawsuit against Fumizer LLC
26.09.2014 by Toby Kilroy
Research evaluating sweet-flavoured electronic cigarette liquids for the presence of diacetyl and acetyl propionyl
26.09.2014 by Toby Kilroy
What is the vaping community?
16.09.2014 by Toby Kilroy
No strangers to legal redress, Totally Wicked seek to challenge Article 20 of the European Tobacco Products Directive
16.09.2014 by Toby Kilroy
By Jamie Brown, SSA Research Fellow, Emma Beard, Research Associate, Daniel Kotz, Assistant Professor, Susan Michie, Professor of Heath Psychology, Robert West, Professor of Health Psychology
29.08.2014 by Toby Kilroy
Electronic Cigarettes - A report commissioned by Public Health England by Professor John Britton and Dr Ilze Bogdanovica
28.08.2014 by Toby Kilroy
"Acute effects of using an electronic nicotine-delivery device (e-cigarette) on myocardial function: comparison with the effects of regular cigarettes" by K. Farsalinos, D. Tsiapras, S. Kyrzopoulos, M. Savvopoulou, E. Avramidou, D.
22.08.2014 by Toby Kilroy
"Peering through the mist: What does the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes tell us about health risks?" by Doctor Igor Burstyn, from Drexel University USA
22.08.2014 by Toby Kilroy
Trends in electronic cigarette use in England by Robert West, Jamie Brown and Emma Beard, March 2014, University College London.
15.08.2014 by Toby Kilroy