FEELM Ceramic Technology

Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited, the company behind FEELM Tech, explain what is special about its ceramic coil head technology

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Vaping has come a long way since the days of silica wicks and yet few companies have explored the potential of ceramic heads. Shenzhen Smoore Technology is the company behind FEELM, a ceramic product that is now used by many manufacturers. Planet of the Vapes spoke to Cloris at Smoore about its ceramic head.

Atomisation is the process of breaking bulk liquids into small droplets, is common in daily life in the form of humidifiers, facial steamers, fog machines, and even in medicinal applications.

Atomisation techniques vary with the development of technology. High pressure gas atomisation, ultrasonic atomisation, microwave heating, and resistance heating are widely applied new techniques.

Ceramics have been developed to be the essential part of high-quality coils, according to Smoore, offering something different to glass fibre, organic cotton, or metallic mesh.

The ceramic material used in coils, is different from that on our dinner table. It has engineered porous microstructures with special compositions.”

The photo above is of a FEELM ceramic coil enlarged thousands of times. There are millions of micron-sized pores in the ceramic cube. The key component of the atomiser is composed of a porous ceramic substrate and a thin layer of metallic film evenly deposited and firmly attached on top of it.”


The raw materials used in FEELM coils are processed minerals from nature. After special forming, drying and high-temperature sintering processes, interconnected micropores are formed inside. The average pore size is about one-fifth of the width of a human hair.”



The micropores play a vital role in conducting and locking the e-liquid inside the substrate during the on and off process of vaporisation. Thanks to the surface tension and capillary action, the e-liquid can permeate through the substrate and be absorbed by the surface.



The porous ceramic has properties similar to activated carbon, which is widely used in many household appliances such as water filters, refrigerators, deodorants, facial masks, and toothpaste, among many other applications.


Smoore says the FEELM coil differs from common wicking materials such as fibre and cotton due to its special physical structure, the properties of the material and as a result of industrial design.

These combinations contribute to faster rise in temperature and even temperature distribution on the substrate surface. The precise temperature control enabled by the FEELM can greatly reduce the volume of aldehydes and ketones produced during the vaporisation.”


The ceramic FEELM coil is sintered at a high temperature and formed into the shape of a bowl. The metallic film is printed onto the substrate surface with an S-shape in order to provide efficient and even heating, like the distribution of heat to a pot on a cooker hob. The atomiser transforms the e-liquid into vapor while heated by the metallic film at a precise temperature.


Another advantage of the even heating with FEELM is that it can effectively eliminate most of the partial carbonation and reduce the burnt taste problem which has troubled the industry for a long time.”

The size of particles produced in regular atomisation can vary greatly,” Smoore adds. “Among these, particles smaller than 2.5μm can be readily deposited in the human respiratory tract and oral cavity, and those smaller than 1μm can be absorbed by the lung.

The aerosol particles produced by FEELM ceramic coil are smaller than 1μm which lead to better lung absorption, more intense flavours and greater satisfaction.”

Smoore believe that the use of their heads in vaping applications is just the start and that the ceramic coils could be utilised in other applications. “With more fundamental research and development of next-generation advanced atomisation technology, more product applications of ceramic atomiser maybe expected and soon become part of our daily life.”


  • FEELM Tech – [link]
  • The Hidden Secrets of FEELM Ceramic Coils (video) – [link]
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