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Dr Mark Porter discussed vaping, and why it is dividing public health opinion, on Radio 4’s Inside Health.
12.04.2019 by Dave Cross
Researchers from Zurich and Munich have demonstrate that free radical levels are substantially reduced in vaping and HNB products.
04.04.2019 by Dave Cross
Research by a Scottish-based company finds that most JUUL users are vaping in order to quit smoking
03.04.2019 by Dave Cross
A massive UK study found vaping has not fed through to smoking rates or ‘renormalised’ smoking perceptions
02.04.2019 by Dave Cross
Researchers from Yale University and the Université de Lausanne publish a paper asking, “Should flavours be banned in cigarettes and e-cigarettes?”.
28.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Doctors Chadi, Hadland, and Harris publish a paper that contains almost every lie ever told about vaping and tobacco harm reduction - including the threat that using ecigs leads to hard drug addiction.
25.03.2019 by Dave Cross
A new Cochrane Review has been published on 'Competitions for smoking cessation'
22.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Tobacco harm reduction expert Clive Bates has offered up his priority list of the top ten areas for vape research.
20.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Heart research being plugged by Stanton Glantz and Sarah Knapton at The Daily Telegraph has been described as “crappy”.
19.03.2019 by Dave Cross
Truth is a foreign country to some public health researchers, and their voluntary myopia has real-world ramifications.
19.03.2019 by Dave Cross