Health & Studies

In troubled times when irresponsible anti-vapers treat truth like egg shells to be crushed it is a delight to have doctors such as Riccardo Polosa speaking out.
31.03.2015 by Dave Cross
A look at this week’s risible collection of studies doing the media rounds.
25.03.2015 by Dave Cross
Another piece of research for the Antz to ignore, this time supporting the claim that vaping improves lung function for asthmatic smokers who switch.
19.03.2015 by Dave Cross
VVTV’s Dave Dorn calls for 2015 to be the ‘Year Of The Vaping Advocate’ as we digest the findings of the “Vaping Truth” survey
18.02.2015 by Dave Cross
Research proves that electronic cigarette vapour contains and delivers mostly glycerin and/or PG and water.
17.02.2015 by Dave Cross
Lambasted in some recent studies and by the Antz – Is there more to nicotine than they would like you to believe?
09.02.2015 by Dave Cross
Doctors Jean-Francois Etter and Konstantinos Farsalinos have a long-standing interest in electronic cigarettes, their studies add to the canon of knowledge regarding efficacy and safety.
03.02.2015 by Dave Cross
Latest findings from the STS team at University College, London, demonstrate the continuing power of electronic cigarettes for quitting smokers.
28.01.2015 by Dave Cross
Is there formaldehyde in vapour? A study claims this to be the case but experts disagree.
26.01.2015 by Dave Cross
Quit programs may have to reconsider how they treat men and women based on gender responses to nicotine, a new study shows
12.01.2015 by Dave Cross