Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited's Notified Products

Submission ID Range Product
01110-16-10001 Vaporesso Target Mini Starter Kit
01110-16-10002 Vaporesso Target Pro Kit
01110-16-10004 Vaporesso Attitude Kit
01110-16-10005 Vaporesso Tarot Mini Kit
01110-16-10007 Vaporesso Nebula Kit
01110-16-10008 Vaporesso Guardian Aio Kit
01110-16-10009 Vaporesso Veco One Kit
01110-16-10010 Vaporesso Veco One Plus Kit
01110-16-10011 Vaporesso Drizzle Vaping Kit
01110-16-10012 Vaporesso Aurora Kit
01110-16-10013 Vaporesso Nexus Kit
01110-16-10015 Vaporesso Nex Elite
01110-16-10016 Vaporesso Veco Solo Kit
01110-16-20001 Vaporesso Guardian Tank
01110-16-20002 Vaporesso Target Pro Tank
01110-16-20004 Vaporesso Estoc Tank Mega
01110-16-20005 Vaporesso Estoc Tank
01110-16-20009 Vaporesso Drizzle Tank
01110-16-20010 Vaporesso Nalu Rda
01110-16-20011 Vaporesso Transformer Rda
01110-16-20012 Vaporesso Veco Tank
01110-16-20013 Vaporesso Veco Plus Tank
01110-16-20014 Vaporesso Giant Triple Tank
01110-16-30001 Vaporesso Ccell Gd-ss 0.6ohm
01110-16-30003 Vaporesso Ccell Coil-0.5ohm
01110-16-30004 Vaporesso Ccell Coil-0.6ohm
01110-16-30006 Vaporesso Ccell Coil-0.9ohm
01110-16-30007 Vaporesso Euc Ceramic Coil 0.5ohm
01110-16-30008 Vaporesso Euc Ceramic Coil 0.6ohm
01110-16-30009 Vaporesso Euc Ceramic Coil 0.3ohm
01110-16-30010 Vaporesso Euc Traditional Claptom 0.4ohm
01110-16-30011 Vaporesso Euc Traditional Claptom 0.5ohm
01110-16-30012 Vaporesso Euc Traditional Clapton 0.3ohm
01110-16-30013 Vaporesso Euc Ceramic Coil 1.3ohm
01110-16-30014 Vaporesso Euc
01110-16-30015 Vaporesso Ceramic Ss316 1.3ohm
01110-16-30016 Vaporesso Euc Ceramic Coil 0.5ohm With Sleeve
01110-16-30017 Vaporesso Euc Ceramic Coil 0.6ohm With Sleeve
01110-16-30019 Vaporesso Euc Traditional Claptom 0.4ohm With Sleeve
01110-16-30020 Vaporesso Euc Traditional Claptom 0.5ohm With Sleeve
01110-17-10001 Vaporesso Revenger Kit
01110-17-10002 Vaporesso Swag Starter Kit
01110-17-10003 Vaporesso Nexus Starter Kit
01110-17-10005 Shenzhen Smoore Smpo Starter Kit
01110-17-20001 Vaporesso Nrg Mini Tank
01110-17-20002 Vaporesso Nrg Se Mini Tank
01110-17-30001 Vaporesso Gt4
01110-17-30002 Vaporesso Gt8
01110-17-30003 Vaporesso Gt Ccell
01110-17-30004 Vaporesso Gt2 Core Coil