Arc Distribution Llc's Notified Products

Submission ID Range Product
00419-16-00105 Frozen Yozen Pink Cup 6mg
00419-16-00104 Frozen Yozen Pink Cup 3mg
00419-16-00103 Frozen Yozen Pink Cup 0mg
00419-16-00093 Morning Fix Dunker 6mg
00419-16-00092 Morning Fix Dunker 3mg
00419-16-00091 Morning Fix Dunker 0mg
00419-16-00090 Gelato Co Cinnamon Sugar 6mg
00419-16-00089 Gelato Co Cinnamon Sugar 3mg
00419-16-00088 Gelato Co Cinnamon Sugar 0mg
00419-16-00087 Gelato Co Lemon Lime 6mg
00419-16-00086 Gelato Co Lemon Lime 3mg
00419-16-00085 Gelato Co Lemon Lime 0mg
00419-16-00084 Lips And Drips Cupcake Kisses 6mg
00419-16-00083 Lips And Drips Cupcake Kisses 3mg
00419-16-00082 Lips And Drips Cupcake Kisses 0mg
00419-16-00081 Lips And Drips Gummy Kisses 6mg
00419-16-00080 Lips And Drips Gummy Kisses 3mg
00419-16-00079 Lips And Drips Gummy Kisses 0mg
00419-16-00078 Poet Sweet Honey Cream 12mg
00419-16-00077 Poet Sweet Honey Cream 6mg
00419-16-00076 Poet Sweet Honey Cream 3mg
00419-16-00075 Poet Sweet Honey Cream 0mg
00419-16-00074 Poet Maple Tobacco 12mg
00419-16-00073 Poet Maple Tobacco 6mg
00419-16-00072 Poet Maple Tobacco 3mg
00419-16-00071 Poet Maple Tobacco 0mg
00419-16-00070 Poet Grandmas Lemon Cake 12mg
00419-16-00069 Poet Grandmas Lemon Cake 6mg
00419-16-00068 Poet Grandmas Lemon Cake 3mg
00419-16-00067 Poet Grandmas Lemon Cake 0mg
00419-16-00066 Poet Sweet Black Tea 12mg
00419-16-00065 Poet Sweet Black Tea 6mg
00419-16-00064 Poet Sweet Black Tea 3mg
00419-16-00063 Poet Sweet Black Tea 0mg
00419-16-00062 Traditional White Tiger 0mg
00419-16-00061 Traditional Lola6mg
00419-16-00060 Traditional Lola3mg
00419-16-00059 Traditional Lola 0mg
00419-16-00058 Traditional Black And Blue6mg
00419-16-00057 Traditional Black And Blue3mg
00419-16-00056 Traditional Black And Blue 0mg
00419-16-00055 Slammin Taffy 6mg
00419-16-00054 Slammin Taffy 3mg
00419-16-00021 Slammin Milkshake 6mg
00419-16-00020 Slammin Milkshake 3mg
00419-16-00019 Slammin Milkshake 0mg
00419-16-00018 Gelato Lemon Lime 6 Mg
00419-16-00017 Gelato Lemon Lime 3 Mg
00419-16-00016 Gelato Lemon Lime 0 Mg
00419-16-00015 Gelato Cinnamon Sugar 6 Mg