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I came up with this design after 18 months or so of vaping. I started off as most people do with the standard mini e-cig but soon got frustrated by the short battery life and unreliable nature of these batteries.

My first box mod used a 3.7v AA battery and worked well-though it lacked the tactile qualities and didn't look too pretty. After looking through the many forums I noticed that a favourite power supply for mods was two CR123 3V camera batteries-used in various tube style mods. I couldn't find a battery box to take these side by side so I set about making my own out of a lump of wood-again not too pretty but worked brilliantly-and a few people asked if I could make one for them.

Being of an engineering background I decided that a few improvements were necessary to make it a saleable item and after a few months of development and investment have come up with the Touchwood, which I hope you'll agree is both practical and attractive. It measures approximately 24mmx50mmx75mm(excluding cartomizer/atomizer) and so fits nicely in the palm of the hand making it ideal for everyday vaping.The one shown in the picture is made from Jarrah-an Australian hardwood, sometimes known as Australian Mahogony. The timber used here was an outback railway sleeper in a former life-so you can be sure it's well seasoned. I shall be using other quality hardwoods in the future, all reclaimed, but for the moment this is the best I've found.

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Lasts all day on on a single charge.