Cloud Chasing 101

Posted 1st September 2014 by Toby Kilroy
Lets start from the basics shall we?

Cloud chasing requires two main things... Heat (Created by the coil). And Air (Created by the airholes)...

Because of the amount of air you require, it is strongly advised you get a RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer). Why? As most modern RDA's have either adjustable air flow, or, are simple to drill out with the correct drill bit. (Yes, I know you also need liquid... and wick... and a battery, but this is the basics to the basics).

Now, I will attempt to break this down into manageable sections, the likes of which have never been seen.

First things first, you need something to put everything on top of/into.



Now then, you can use variable voltage, or variable wattage devices to chase clouds. However, the results are USUALLY rather disappointing for the outlay you spend on these devices (Since most have a 2.5/3 amp limit, unless you spend mega bucks). So, for now, forget about them. Erase their very existence from your mind.  Unless you fancy getting a sigelei 100w box, or even an IPV v3 when it is released. These are good.
But for the most fun, what you need fine ladies and gentleman, is a mechanical.

BUT, which one do you choose? This, is very much personal choice. For most of you, it will be a clone. But if you can afford genuines, I will also add a couple.

But, my 'Best' clones, are the following:
Copper Manhattan (Closely followed by the aluminium and brass)
Copper Nemesis.
Copper Cartel Mod.

All of these can be picked up for under £30, and will give you pretty decent performance. They will require upkeep and cleaning pretty much daily, but, they WILL be worth it.

Original wise, my favourites are:
Again, the Manhattan.
Copper Viggo (Superb mod with the best switch I have ever used... But again, careful of the spring!)
Or the Overdose by MCV


As I mentioned previously, for the benefit of this tutorial/infomercial/whatever the hell this is, we shall be focusing on RDAs, purely as they are much MUCH easier to chase clouds with.

But again, which do you choose?  You want as much airflow as possible, the more mental the airflow, the better. Again, most of you will want something cheap...

So, my top three cheapskate drippers:
1. Mutation X which can be found for £20.
2. Infinite CLT (Doesn't have mental airflow, but easy to build on) which is again, around 20 pounds.
3. Igo M. Mad airflow, but, leaks like a sieve if you over drip.

Now, setup wise... There's hundreds of possibilities. BUT, here are MY OWN simple, and effective starter setups.

(All dual coils, quads aren't worth the effort to be honest!)

For Silica Lovers (Better to start off on these to be honest).
0.7x0.1mm Kanthal Wire, 3 wraps on either side around 2x3mm silica. ~0.3-0.4 ohms. Nice thick clouds, and a fast response.
0.27 Kanthal Wire (Twisted), 4 wraps on either side around 2x3mm silica, pretty much the same on resistance. I can't remember this one exactly, but I know it was over 0.3 ohms

For Cotton lovers (Wahey!)
0.8mmx0.1mm Kanthal ribbon around ~2mm ID, 4 wraps. Around 0.3 ohms again..
0.27 Kanthal wire (Twisted) around ~1.8mm ID, 5 wraps, around 0.3/4 iirc.
0.6mm Kanthal Parralel 4 wrap around ~2.2mm ID 4 wraps, around 0.17, again, if I remember correctly.

You MUST make sure that no wick is touching the OUTSIDE of the coil, as this will cool it down more. And also, you MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST check resistances before you fire it,as they're probably wrong as I haven't used those setups for a while now.

Also, make sure your air can go directly from your hole, to the coil, without obstruction. This is VERY important.


Now then, you want to get some 30amp efest’s, or sony’s. Better safe than sorry. And get a decent charger.

That was simple wasn't it?

Also, don't boil the buggers thinking it'll improve them. It wont, it'll end badly. The only thing you should boil, are noodles.

And, forget about 18350s/500s. They're not worth the time you spend buying them if you want to chase clouds.


The Technique for cloud chasing is different to normal vaping, you want to inhale as quickly as possible, directly into your lungs so you can blow a lungful straight out. This gives better clouds. And sometimes, a chesty cough... Which is why to start with, you should get some <6mg juice. Even if you are on 24mg in a tank, get some 6mg. It is VERY VERY easy to overdo the nic sub-ohming.

And, naturally, vape safely! Try this at your own risk, as I do not want to be held responsible for someone getting a little bit too cocky and trying something bordering on lunacy...

And now for the mad stuff. ;)

As some of you know, I am a little bit of a nutter. I like pushing the boundaries. I do not recommend the following if you are only starting off, and if you do not have an ohm meter, do not even think of attempting these builds! I mean it. I will not accept any responsibility if you bugger up of break stuff. But to hell with the formalities, lets get cloudy.

These are ALL cotton by the way! And all duals.

4 wrap parallel 20awg Gplat with 22 awg royal on 2.7mm – 0.05 ohms.
9 wrap royal 22awg on 2.5mm – 0.11 ohms
3 wrap tri parallel royal 22awg on 2.3mm – 0.04 ohms.

Now, I do have many other setups, But they are secrets. If you are building this. Make sure it is on one of the following (You may kill others, I know these don't die)

Mutation X. genuine Mephisto. Zenith. Double Cross.

So, make sure you stay safe. If you do these builds, max of 3 second pulses. Your battery will get warm. As will your mod. If you feel it's warm. Stop. Take battery out. And leave it somewhere to cool down. Do not chain vape with these setups either. Just don't do it. :)

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