Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage

Posted 3rd September 2014 by Toby Kilroy

The 3rd Generation variable voltage/variable wattage device tends to be the transition stage for vapers moving on from eGo batteries. Experienced vapers then branch into mechanical mods but the VV/VW sector is incredibly popular.

Why use a variable voltage/variable wattage device?

The reasons people go for this type of device is because they are seeking to be able to control the voltage or wattage in order to maintain constant flavour and vapour production.


How do they work?

A circuit board allows a fixed voltage or power to be dialled in and applied to the coil. It will automatically adjust to counter a battery draining.


How does this differ from an eGo battery?

An eGo-style battery contains a 3.7 volt battery and most of the atomisers for it are around 1.5ohms giving a maximum current of 2.5amps and power of 9.25 watts.

Although Spinners exist, large 1800-series batteries allow for a longer period of vaping.


Who uses a voltage/variable wattage device?

Beginners, experienced vapers – everyone has had one or continues to use them.


What is the best voltage or wattage setting?

This depends on how you like to vape and the taste you want from your juice.

Different settings can change how the same juice tastes during vaping. The solution is to begin at a low setting and gradually increase to output until you reach one that is giving you the flavour and throat hit you seek.

Start too high and you may find the coil evaporates the e-Liquid so quickly the wick can not feed juice to the coil fast enough. You will experience this as a dry burn.


What is the best variable voltage/variable wattage device to buy?

There can’t be many people who haven’t owned or continue to own a Vamo – but the range is so vast (and tastes & budgets so varied) that it’s a case of hunting around on the Planet of the Vapes forum, reading threads or asking questions.

Whether you want a £300 Helix or a £35 Vamo will be your call. Some people prefer the tubular mods while others love the ‘doesn’t tip over on a beer table’ friendliness of box-style mods like the VTR and rDNA30.


Is selecting a voltage better than choosing the wattage?

Many prefer to set the power rather than the voltage but it will come down to your personal preference, it is just what works best for you.


Are there things I need to think about when buying one?


  • Can I change the battery?
  • Do I want to change the battery?
  • What will I do when the fixed battery dies (if it has one)?
  • What batteries will I have to buy?
  • Does it have a display and what does it show?
  • Does it let me change just voltage, wattage or both?
  • What is the maximum current?
  • What is the minimum resistance I can use?
  • Do I really need all those functions?
  • What problems have people had with the device I want to buy?
  • Will the atomisers I want to use fit onto it?
  • If not, do I want to try different atomisers?


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 Toby Kilroy
Article by Toby Kilroy
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