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Volcano's Biggest Sale Ever!

Discussion in 'Volcano Ecigs EU' started by LordLava, May 10, 2017.

  1. LordLava

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    Jan 30, 2013
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    Massive sale going on at Volcano right now!

    On the 20th of May, as we all know, the TPD comes into effect.

    After that you won't be able to get:
    - Bottles of liquid larger than 10ml
    - Tanks bigger than 2ml
    - Liquids of strengths higher than 20mg

    Our tried and tested E-Liquid formulae may also have to change.

    You only have 2 weeks to get your hands on all of our soon-to-be outdated stock!

    All Premium liquids will be 40% off!
    All LavaLine flavours will be 53% off!

    Even better, our amazing Lavabox M75 will be part of the sale as well. With serious power and terrific reviews, it couldn't be a better device. 50% OFF!

    Remember, there are only 2 weeks remaining to get your hands on this stuff before it doesn't with the new regulations.

    Some liquids and selected stock may take a week or two to reach you whilst we change our warehouse but now is your last chance to order before the law changes.

    Stock up now!

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