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cutting billets stabwood doors

Discussion in 'Vapesmarter' started by vapesmarter, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. vapesmarter

    vapesmarter Mod Maker

    Jun 12, 2016
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    the billet panel is a royal pain in the arse

    I'm doing many doors but one thing I have found no 2 billets are the same

    the sxk billets magnets are slightly off than the true billet, tolerances are tight, going down to 0.1 of an mm that's a little thicker than the hair on your head but it matters if it's off by 0.3 of an mm the panels are out...scrap

    this is the negative side the inside

    alfIMG_9439 2.jpg

    I'm cutting front to back I will hand shape and polish the front so each panel is really hand and machine made


    I have also done my logo and dropped the paw I may readdress the paw issue in the future much to Alfie's disgust


    I could just slice and fly-cut the panel like a slab of bread and have a flat panel door but I want the curve which has to be hand-cut and hand-polished to a mirror shine, I'm still not sure what the panels will look like when I cut and finish them

    the magnet holes are not here this is the 15 code trial I've dispensed with the holes as I'm going to do them using another miller as I can be more accurate using that miller with a dro fitted than the CNC I may also go up in size with the magnets so the panel is a universal fit

    here is an action shot for you

    the speed is quite slow on the axis as the carbide cutter is good but it's not my normal end mill I'm going to increase the cutter in quality for a better cut


    the voyage continues
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